This website has been set up in response to a document passed onto us, written by the Countryside Alliance (CA) it outlined two major attacks on the privacy of anti hunting activists. The CA have collected personal data on hundreds and potentially thousands of people, they attempt to legitamise this behaviour by saying that with regards to GDPR purposes it is acceptable so they can prevent crime. Yet throughout the document they say the real reasons are to help them with social media and help counter anti hunt facebook and twitter posts.

Not only do they hold a central database which consists of written reports, photographs and videos. They also have weekly updates which they say is to help masters plan a days hunting. So much for being within GDPR.

We know from reading comments on facebook within fox hunting groups that Eleasha Sallis job is to sit and scroll anti fox hunting facebook pages and take down peoples details and to update the database.

We hope this website helps to instigate multiple GDPR claims against the Countryside Alliance and we urge everyone to consider acting alone or as a group, the course of this action should start by seeking legal advice so that you can find out if the CA do hold any information on you, if they do then you may be entitled to compensation, this includes money for distress. Full guidance can be found here:

We do not know how long it will take for the Countryside Alliance to close down their database, make a public apology and adequately compensate their victims, but until they do we will remain online publishing information passed on to us about hunts.

If you have any information on hunts, we are specifically looking for red books, subscriber/follower lists and any other internal documents, you can email them using encryption if you sign up for a free tutanota email account and then email us on

To the members of the hunting community reading this, we ask you:
What did you expect was going to happen when you decided to start spying on anti-hunt activists and compile data on them?

We don’t currently have a twitter account but we are working on a solution to social media, we’ll have something up soon.

We don’t use facebook, but please do post any of our webpages everywhere and anywhere!