Evidence of illegal Countryside Alliance & Hunting Office database revealed.

Hunting Office round up of Hunt Sab activity from Nov to Dec 2020

This report which we have in full but will not be publishing as it is entirely made up of saboteur and monitor activity, listed 30 different anti hunt activists, some of them multiple times. It also lists the vehicles and registrations, making the targeting of activists much easier. The Countryside Alliance claim to use the “prevention of crime” as an excuse to get round GDPR regs and then create these reports which they broadcast to every hunt in the country. Yet in this most recent of reports covering the entire country for four weeks there is not one incident where saboteurs have been arrested and charged.

Polly Portwin makes it clear that the data is used immediately when it is phoned in to inform surrounding hunts. We wonder how many sabs have been attacked after all the thugs from neighbouring hunts have been called in? the answer may well be calculated by this report and others that we now hold.

We are currently taking legal advice to make a claim as are many other individuals, multiple claims will soon be going in against the Hunting Office, The Countryside Alliance and a variety of hunts as every hunt that sends in information is also liable.

As we learn more of the legal proceedings and how to undertake them we will share them here on the site, if you have already contacted a lawyer and want to share your experience to help others make a claim, please email us on huntingleaks@tutanota.com