Barlow Hunt Members

Judge Mark Davies, picture taken after attacking hunt sabs.

Two maps, the first is a database that was titled “Hunt Members” as we went through the 1,000+ people listed on the original spreadsheet it became apparent that not everyone on there was in fact even remotely linked to the Barlow hunt, a common thread amongst the people who shouldn’t have been on there was that they had no notes, or as they refer to them “tag_list”. So we have removed all of the people who didn’t have a tag of some description, no doubt some of those people will have been involved with the hunt, but we have decided in this instance to do our best to protect people who may not have anything to do with the hunt.
There was also a number of postcodes that were incorrect, we have done extensive searches and corrected postcodes.
The second map, is the Barlow Hunt Officials (BHO) and Horsleygate Estate Company directors (HEC) these are the people who keep the hunt going, HEC are currently giving the hunt £4,500 per month to keep the hunt afloat.

As usual with our online maps, please zoom out.

Barlow Hunt Officials (BHO) and Horsleygate Estate Company (HEC)