Large Landowners

Sab groups across the country have been putting these images out and asking people to contact large landowners.
Can you spare two minutes to send an email and share an image?
UPDATE 22nd Feb, emails recieved:
Peak District “The National Park Authority does not permit trail hunting on the land it owns, however this activity can take place on private land at the discretion of the relevant landowner.” (now removed from the list below)
South Downs “We’re aware that Forestry England, National Trust and other landowners have paused or banned trail hunting on their land, which they have the power to do as landowners. and that a police investigation is ongoing.” (not removed from list as they make no mention of ending trail hunting on their land)
Pembrokeshire Coast “The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority does not allow hunting or shooting on any land it owns or manages.” (not removed from list as they make no mention of ending trail hunting on their land)

UPDATE 23rd Feb, Email recieved:
Brecon Beacons Julian Atkins CEO, “The Authority owns 20,000 Ha of land in the National Park and has a well-established position of not permitting drag hunting on our land.  In line with our position we will continue to refuse requests from hunts wishing to use our land”

Update 25th Feb, Email recieved:
Northumberland National Park “the Authority does not permit this activity to take place on its limited landholding.”

Update 1st March, Email recieved:
Natural Resources Wales “All trail hunting activity planned for this season will be paused, and no new permissions will be granted until this investigation has concluded.”

Please copy and paste this list of emails or email them one at a time, tell them that permission to “trail hunt” must come to an end now that the director of the MFHA is facing a court case for encouraging masters of hunts to break the law.,,,,,,,,