AXA insurance for fox hunting must end.

On Friday April 2nd, we revealed that AXA are providing legal insurance to every single registered fox hunt in the UK. There is a document backing up our claim that you can read here. This is the first part of it:

We can now reveal ANOTHER internal document that reveals that the Hunting Office expects that they will indeed one day lose the legal fees insurance, this document is from the Associated Masters of Harriers and Beagles AGM July 2020, you can read it in full here.

We suspect that the “hunting man in the industry” is Sean McClarron ex Master of the Derwent Hunt who runs the insurance company McClarrons. McClarron himself is no stranger to court cases having been to court for killing a motorcyclist and also in 2017 relying on the AXA policy himself when he went to court for Hunting Act offences.

On Monday 5th of April AXA replied on twitter that they are looking into the policy:

The anti hunting community may well be on the cusp of an historic victory, we sincerely hope that AXA will drop fox hunting legal fees insurance and make a statement about it in the coming days. To ensure that victory we need as many people as possible to contact AXA, on twitter or facebook and most importantly via email:,,,,

Please do write your own email, but if you would like to use a template we have had two written:
AXA template email for policy holders
AXA template email for non policy holders

Together with a small amount of effort, we can put a huge dent in the finances of fox hunting thugs across the country.