AXA AGM and other upcoming demonstrations.

Demonstrations are now being organised outside AXA offices, one in Leeds and another in Manchester, keep an eye out on twitter and facebook for others, which may well be getting organised as we write this. West Yorkshire Sabs have also organised a fund raiser for stickers which they will be posting out as soon as they come back from the printers.

We were very grateful to receive a tip off about AXA upcoming AGM, after a small amount of research we found out that anyone can tick a box saying they are a shareholder and then start to raise the issue of fox hunting. We’d suggest a variety of tactics, pretend that you are an AXA shareholder who doesn’t care about fox hunting but thinks it’s bad for business, or maybe tell them you have hundreds of shares and will be selling them after the AGM if the issue isn’t resolved. Use your imagination!
Goto this page:

and click on the text saying: “Click here to ask your questions before the Shareholders’ Meeting”
In the top right hand corner choose your language, French or English and away you go!
Please do spread the word on this one, the more the merrier!