MFHA measures “not been put in place to bully a hunt”

This memo went out to all the hunts a few days ago, it’s the implementation of the HAG report which we had leaked some time ago. The aim it seems is to cut down on the total number of hunts as the current level isn’t sustainable, in part due to “Too many hunts and not enough good men/ women”.
So when the new chair Andrew Osborne says
“These new measures have not been put in place to bully a hunt into operating in such a way that is unnecessary or unworkable”
It’s difficult to actually believe him, the MFHA either does or doesn’t want to encourage trail hunting as a replacement for fox hunting. If it does then it needs to put an end to certain elements, which was why the Hunting Action Group report touched on terrier work:
“Consider public perception with regard to terrier work”
The latest memo to Masters of Foxhounds in Great Britain: