Blackmore & Sparkford Vale, backed by Boden.

Sent to all Blackmore Sparkford Vale subscribers, for 2019 Election.

Interesting that hunts believe that a “recklessness” clause will end trail hunting, surely all hunts are currently training their hounds to chase trails as fox hunting has been illegal for over 15 years. So what possible difference could any clause changes in the hunting act possibly make, unless fox hunting had never stopped and hunts are all just routinely ignoring the law. Hunts will always, it seems, go door knocking for tories, even if the tories have no plans at all to reverse the hunting act, simply because Labour (at least in 2019) may well strengthen the act.

If you haven’t heard of the clothing company “Boden“, they had a turnover in 2016 of over £300 Million. Whilst not running their clothing company, they are out killing foxes and supporting the hunt by sponsoring it’s crappy auction magazine, p17

Why would a family who are earning tens of millions per year want to sponsor one of the most notoriously violent hunts in the United Kingdom?
Even volunteering to open and close the gates for the hunt as they tear up the countryside, on 16th January this Year. This was the planned list for gate openers.

Perhaps it’s just that the hunts are so well connected with the local landed gentry? here is an email from the high sheriff of Somerset, why such a person would be connected to a crime gang is anyone’s guess:

Here are this years diary dates:

This was also sent out recently to BSV subscribers:

If you’d like to email the committee of this hunt, these are their emails:
Wendy Sturney, Andrew Tuffin, AJM Wickham, Alan Hanson, Alan Wiseman, Alice Conway, Andy Frizzle, Ann Tite, Annie Bacon, Becky Partridge, Ben Stretton, Carolyn Boyden, Bryony, Jane Carver, Capt Perry,, Charley Mayo, Charlotte Mayo, Chris Stares