South Tetcott Hunt

This 2019 document from the Devon-based South Tetcott Hunt suggests that the people who collect money from hunt supporters sometimes have to resort to violence!

The next document from June 2020 reveals that, yet again, tax payers are propping up illegal fox hunting with COVID grants:

Master’s letter that went out in September 2020 you can read here.
The chairman sent out a letter in October 2020, which included some of the hunts meets. You can read it here.

The subscribers for this hunt were listed in a spreadsheet, here is a screenshot:

A couple of financial spreadsheets, covering the same period of time, but with varying amounts listed in each:

Finally all the committee members emails. Should you wish to contact them, keep communications polite. It is entirely lawful to contact these people:

Alan & Emma Barnes”, Mark Bowden, Dave Clark, Stephen Davey, Tash Dayment, Amanda Friend, Jenny Lawrence, Anne, Sharon Mills, Richard Trewyn, Vicky Wilson, Adrian Chubb, Derek Ellis, James Neale, Bruce Newport, “jodi.risdon78”, Amy Parkin, Daphne Beasley, Rosie Ware, Mark Thompson, Dave Bowden