Guntrader website hacked

Last month the guntraders website was hacked and all the user details went onto the dark web, you can read about that here.
Whilst it is important to remember that not all gun owners shoot animals, many only shoot targets, the vast majority do indeed kill animals for fun and sometimes even go on to kill humans. There is no need for anyone to own a gun.

You can download the database here. (those hosting the document may take it down at any point, if you can download it, please do, it helps us get as many copies out there as possible)

Once you have downloaded it (the more people who download it the better) we highly recommend that if you haven’t already you download “Google Earth“. Once you have opened Google Earth you can then goto File, then “Import” then follow the steps, it’s a fairly large file for the Google Earth to handle, so give it a few minutes, then zoom into wherever you want to find gunowners.

The grouse shooting season has already begun.
The partridge shooting season starts on September the 1st.
The 6 week intensive culling of badgers usually begins early September.

Many of these people will be on this database, please do contact as many as you can in your area and ask them if they are involved in shooting animals, the database contains plenty of contact details.

You could also ask gun owners why they think that council tax payers should be funding their “sport”, the cost of a shotgun renewal licence is only £49, yet the cost to police forces to process the licence was £196 in 2014. David Cameron and successive tory governments have blocked a price increase, meaning that all council tax payers have to subsidise shotgun and firearms holders.