The End for Hunting Leaks?

When we set up Hunting Leaks as a response to hunt sabs being spied upon by the Countryside Alliance, we had enough materiel to last a few months, so we are glad to have kept publishing all the way to the start of the 2021/22 hunting season.

We have no current plans to update the site with any new hunts details or internal documents from hunting organisations. But we may return at some point in the future.

We wish all the anti hunting activist in the UK and globally all the best and we hope we’ve gone some way to proving that fox hunting still takes place despite a ban. The smokescreen of trail hunting has been lifted, so it’s now in all our hands to finish the job off and contact as many landowners as possible, for it is they who hold the future of hunting in their hands.

When you hear of a fox killed, a hunt sab attacked or a some other crime by a hunt, please do consider looking through our list of “Hunts Exposed” and then contacting as many of the people involved in that hunt as you can. Remain polite and you will be acting entirely lawfully.

Love and Liberation
Hunting Leaks