“The Avon Vale 6” EXPOSED

The Avon Vale hunt people involved in flushing foxes to hounds and feeding a fox to hounds were on Thursday 9th Feb brought to the BHSA office to be suspended. The BHSA may well look like they have finally done something, finally being the key word as they had been sitting on the footage for a month hoping it would never come to light, when it did they had to be seen to do something. Here are the people involved, thanks to all the people who helped collate this information.

Aaron Fookes the red coat in this picture is the man in green jacket who pulls the fox out of the badger sett

Next up is the master Stuart Radbourne who was previously convicted of badger sett digging alongside the notorious police crime commissioner candidate Johnathon Seed

He is the person heard shouting “it’s a brace”

The man who pulls the terrier out of the sett is Alex Warden, his girlfriend Melissa Hyde is with him in this picture:

They can be seen together in the footage as well, here he has the terrier in his hands and she’s right next to him:

The man kneeling on the floor with the flat cap is UNKNOWN but we have a better image of him here we think:

Lastly the man who is responsible for bringing down the hunt Harry Mayo, well done Harry for recording the footage and bragging about it in your whatsapp groups: