AXA ensuring violence.

Hunting Leaks Exclusive
AXA provide insurance for every hunts legal fees, this covers Hunting Act offences and violence towards sabs and monitors. The first year of cover they actually lost money due to the high number of hunting act cases and arrests for assaults.

We are now asking everyone to please start your own campaign against AXA, the more of us who take them on whether with petitions, demos outside their premises, emails, phone calls whatever, the faster they are likely to pull the policy. Our understanding is that the policy starts on May 1st, so we have until then to convince them that insuring hunts is not the right business to be in.

Without legal insurance, each Hunting Act conviction or act of violence legal costs will have to either come direct from the hunt’s own funds or from a central fund, if it comes from a central fund then hunts who face less legal action may well wonder why they are paying out for others.

Take Action,
Copy and paste any of these images into social media, or make your own!
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Please copy and paste these emails (Claudio Gienal is the CEO) into a single email and politely ask AXA to stop insuring hunt violence against animals. It makes no difference if it’s a fox being killed, a sab being beaten or a cat being killed, none of it should be happening and the hunts certainly shouldn’t be able to get insurance to cover these deliberate attacks.,,,,

If you have time, please do write a quick text or ring the people listed below, they are the top of the chain for AXA publicity. The more complaints they get, the better.