Beaufort Hunt

Hunts can only continue to hunt with access to land and this spreadsheet lists people whose land the hunt crosses. Included on the list are Prince Charles and Camilla, Harry and Wills and Princess Anne, as well as people involved in the National Trust and Forestry England. Also note many game keepers and shoot organisers are listed.
They were all invited to drinks put on by the hunt in 2017. You can download the entire list here.

What makes a parent want to take their children out to kill wildlife for their own sick pleasure? It seems mostly that this how fox hunters themselves were raised. In this interview with a number of people from the hunt for the pony club they are quite brazen and even want small children to go out cub hunting/autumn hunting. Read the full doc here.

Hunting with hounds is an obvious danger to road users. This accident report from March 2019 highlights the obvious dangers of walking over 100 dogs on a public highway at a single time:

One of the ways that the Beaufort Hunt raise money for their bloodsport is to have a horse racing event “Beaufort Team Chase” whose most famous sponsors Savills the estate agents turn up quite frequently across the country. This spreadsheet lists all the people involved in running the event in 2020

The riders who get involved in the team chase are mostly from other hunts covering much of the West of England and Wales, well worth a look if you are involved in anti hunt campaigning. You can read it here.

Whilst out hunting the hunt has points of contact they refer to as monitors:

The sponsors of the fund raising racing event: