Belvoir Hunt

Well known for attempting to murder a hunt monitor from the league against cruel sports this hunt have no respect for life, human or otherwise as this internal email reveals, no age limit for children going out hunting is bound to end in a serious accident.

Within their own correspondence to their hunt supporters they happily outline stories of hunts that are impossible to believe are trail hunts, this from the “Belvoir Tan” newsletter September 2020 in which one of the masters (a “Hon. Toby Corbin-Greenall”) tells all. Note that WhatsApp was first used in 2009, some years after the hunting act came into place:

Whilst the author of this “tumblers club list” was out shooting, who should appear but the hunt, this also is unlikely to happen if a hunt was actually following a trail, gamekeepers tolerate hunts but they certainly don’t want them turning up when they are trying to beat pheasants onto guns who pay large sums of money.

The way they treat their hounds has to be questioned when they are happy to say “no-one managed to kick a hound”

And what do they think of other people who live in the countryside? Not much – they are happy to tear up peoples grass verges whilst they chase terrified wildlife:

Like many hunts, the Belvoir have a supporters club who fund raise for the hunt. You can read their 2019 accounts here.

Although this hunt may be well funded, the places where they meet does seem a bit repetitive. Perhaps they aren’t as popular as they like to make out:

And perhaps it’s no surprise they aren’t popular when they carry on like this, taken from Belvoir blog #2:

This piece from the Belvoir Tan October 2020 is quite bizarre, you can’t edit footage to show people being attacked if they aren’t being attacked..

This is a list of all the most recent sponsors:

They also had a problem with the local council and their boxing day meet, not much of a surprise when they employ violent nutters:

They talk about their own violent convictions, but then blame sabs! “entitlement” springs to mind from this 2019 newsletter:

This letter from the chairman in 2019 goes into more detail on the hunts strategy:

We were also passed this document, which is the AGM from 2019.