Blankney Hunt, supported by Dyson.

From the Blankney hunts 2021 summer newsletter we find out that their fund raising pleasure ride goes across Dyson land after they grant permission:

How long this cozy relationship that Dyson has with the hunt is unknown, but in 2015 James Thompson who is “Operations Director at Dyson Farming Ltd” tweeted this:

A post from Bath Hunt Saboteurs some years ago shows that Dyson certainly is involved in wildlife cruelty on his land, they found a fox cub inside a larsen trap!

Back to the Blankney hunt, they have been struggling financially through covid and this excerpt from the October 2020 newsletter whilst begging for donations makes it clear that they must still be going out and killing foxes and fox cubs, more than 15 years after the ban came in.
Why else would you need to keep the ownership of a covert? If you were just following the law and doing trail hunting, why would you need to own a small woods??

The Spring 2021 newsletter starts with an interesting insight into the world of fox hunting, a number of people who were involved 60 years ago, their relatives are still hunting today. The social conditioning that killing animals for sport is ok starts at a very young age in the world of fox hunting, something that many people clearly go on to indoctrinate their own children in and on and on.

The Winter/Spring 2020 newsletter does mention trail layers. A requirement under the legal fees insurance provided by Axa.

The June 2020 newsletter highlights the problems covid is having on the hunt with regards fund raising.

The financials for the supporters club for 2019-2020: