Cheshire Beagles, forced to hunt by Richard Tyacke.

Richard Tyacke is known to many people in the world of hunting after his dismal performance on the webinars, but do pay close to attention to his words. Exactly why can’t a beagle pack go out for a day legally if there are monitors or sabs? He suggests that a court case would arise if a beagle pack were to continue. This statement would surely be very concerning to any beagle pack, their own director has admitted to the world it’s impossible to go out and not break the law. So perhaps it’s not very surprising that the Cheshire Beagles have decided to call it a day.

Fairly clear and obvious, the Cheshire Beagle Hunt do not believe it is possible to hunt within the law, nor do their landowners and the insurance situation is clearly of great concern also. But some people aren’t happy and want to take over the Cheshire Beagles rather than watch it fold, these people listed above are Mr. Mapp, Mr. Sawyer, Mr Bagot Jewitt and Mr Davies (a retired judge)

Richard Tyacke responds to this email:

The usual ridiculous line that there have been little or no prosecutions so it must all be legit is rolled out again, Tyacke was at court and watched Mark Hankinson try the same line, it didn’t work there and it’s unlikely to work anywhere else. What follows is the proposition offered to the Cheshire Beagles, one must remember that the kennels and buildings have been paid for and maintained by the current hunt members, why they would want to give it up for nothing is not covered:

Retired Judge Mark Davies clearly isn’t a man of much patience and expected the Cheshire Beagles to respond quickly and positively to his proposal, his follow up letter is here:

Charlie Baggot-Jewitt goes further and tries to use the Countryside Alliance legal team to wade in on the matter:

The EGM which Charlie is hoping will not be necessary, is now going to take place on the 31st of March, we believe in Nantwich Village Hall. We assume after this long winded response by the take over team fell on deaf ears:

So who are these people trying to take over?

Mark Davies is a disgraced immigration judge, sacked chairman of the Barlow Hunt who assaulted two sabs and ended up in court (got away with due to him being a retired judge)

Charlie Baggot-Jewitt is a former High Sheriff of Staffordshire and sometimes huntsman of the DNS beagles. Last caught hunting on New Years Day and believed to now work for the Sea Cadets.

Nick Mapp huntsman of the Border Counties MinkHounds which are kennelled at the Wynnstay foxhounds on the authorisation of Richard Tyacke before he left.

Simon Sawyer is the only local and is a fencing contractor.