Cheshire Hunt

Can the person counting remember which hounds were recently killed?

The name of an anti hunting activist has been redacted from documents that we have. First up from October 26th 2020, this hunt admits that it doesn’t trail hunt as it sometimes doesn’t lay trails:

January 2021 minutes highlight the drop in numbers of hounds in just a few months, one of them was killed on the road after chasing a fox (details to follow after the minutes)
A hound being hit on the Tarporley-Tarvin road was not an accident, the insurers at Markel are well aware the hounds were chasing a fox:

The Chairman of the Hunt sent this document out in Jan 21, an unusual step of revealing who the facebook admin for their page was taken, odd considering they think their IT security may need strengthening.

Rewinding back to January 2020 and we can see this hunt was already very paranoid about who it gives meet cards too, one local landowner was particularly unhappy:

It seems the reason for treating landowners badly is down to hired thugs, always nice to have some sabs to blame..

It’s not just landowners who are getting fed up with this hunt, subscribers aren’t happy either. Chloe Edgar who help run Edgar Brothers (a firm that imports and sells firearms and ammunition) had this to say:

The MFHA doesn’t seem to have much interest in this hunt other than chasing their membership fee’s:

The increase in costs is met with some concern, could this be another hunt that wishes to leave the MFHA?

Although in October 2020 the hunt recognised that they weren’t always following trails, in September 2020 the committee sent out this doc which reported that sabs had given good feedback. So maybe this hunt is willing to listen and learn?

The hunt also made a handy spreadsheet of the landowners who give permission for the smokescreen of fox hunting to continue, you can find it here.

The Hunt put together this handy booklet of all the key people, you can read it here.

The hunt committee & members email list may be of interest to people who want to ask this hunt more questions:


Rupert Saunders
Helen Exley
Caroline Topping
Kimberley Stanworth
Linda Ashworth
Rupert Higgin
Robert Bourne
Catherine Whittles
Pauline Barlow
Laura cardwell
Sarah Charlesworth
Mandy Shore
Shelley Leonard
John Simpson
Claire Hassall


Debbie Simpson
Lisa hodkinson
Iona Woolley
Grace Percival
Rebecca Sanders
Mrs Susan Lindsey Knapp
Annabel Roberts
Alan Southern
Mrs Belinda Leathrr
Geoffrey Igglesden
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Matthew Marsden
Rebecca Fifield
Peter Edge
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