Cottesmore Hunt documents reveal big win on Covid grants.

Reading the financials on this hunt, they have done very well financially out of covid grants, is that really where tax payers want their money going? The Cottesmore are well known for violence towards people who aren’t in favour of their blood sport.

Cottesmore thug.

Looking at this hunt’s revenue streams from last year, money from subscriptions and caps are both very important:

This years finances not looking so great, propped up by covid grants:

This year the hunt have done particularly well at rinsing the local council for covid grants, and also selling hunting rights of Allexton Woodland to a local hunt “the fernie” for £20k although it’s listed as a donation, you can read the entire document here and the entire minutes from 6th Jan 2021 agm here.

So who are the people who fill up the coffers of this hunt each year? The Cottesmore put them all on one spreadsheet, notice at the bottom of the spreadesheet you can click “Sheet2” and then you get over 250 subscribers and their email addresses, for the full spreadsheet you can view it here.

Whilst the subscribers do put in the bulk of the money, plenty of businesses sponsor the Point to Point meetings, we think they should all be contacted and asked why they support fox hunting, you can find a spreadsheet with some of their details here, or look at the map we made from the list (you will need to google to find contact details for many of these)

to make emailing as easy as possible we have extracted all the emails and put them into chunks that can be easily copy and pasted into an email, please do spend a few minutes writing emails to them, the list contains farmers who allow hunting on their land and the subscribers:


We will be publishing more hunts, we are trying to publish every 5-7 days, so please do come back and check in, we will continue to publish hunt documents until the Countryside Alliance makes a public statement about it’s illegal database that it holds on anti hunt activists and starts a process to make reparations to the victims.