Duke of Buccleuch

Like so many hunts the Duke of Buccleuch is having problems with infighting, maybe due in part to the financial pressures that are befalling them as subscriber numbers drop:

You can read their profit and loss accounts for 2019 and 2020 here, they are losing a lot of money year on year.

The January 2020 AGM (full doc here) notified everyone that a strain of a deadly dog virus had mutated in the kennels. The disease hadn’t been seen in Scotland for 4 years!

In 2019 they managed to get sponsorship of their fund raising dog show from Pets at Home. You can read the full May 2019 doc here:

This pdf mastership proposal for 2021 includes this:

You can read more on the plans for the 21/22 season and the contact details for the new people here and this is from that doc:

“We are surrounded by people who are tirelessly working to stop what we do, both politicians and and animal rights organisations.” Correct:

The Red Book for this that we’ve been given is a single page;

You can read the Feb 2020 meeting minutes here.
You can read the March 2020 meeting minutes here, which go into some financial details:

You can read the minutes from Sept 2020 here. It includes the money made from the terrier shows over the last few years they ran:

You can read the Nov 2020 meeting minutes here.

March 2021 minutes can be read here. Three hounds are being bred from, what will happen to all the older hounds they replace?

There is also this treasury report pdf from the hunt which you can read here.

If you’d like to email any of the people who run this hunt, that’s perfectly legal if you keep it polite:

Duke of Buccleauch committee members:

Bess Innes bess.glebehouse@gmail.com; Charles Smith-Maxwell charles@foukou.com; Ian Walling ianjwalling@aol.com; James Denne James.Denne@knightfrank.com; Mark Gilbert markgilbert007@hotmail.com; Miranda Denne mjdenne7@gmail.com; Phily Parrish r.parrish728@btinternet.com; Sarah Thomson sas.thomson@virgin.net; James Galbraith James.Galbraith@galbraithgroup.com

And their hunt supporters committee members:

kathiemarshall95@gmail.com, alistair.black@hotmail.co.uk, smcb789@aol.co.uk, deaston.de64@gmail.com, janet.elliot70@gmail.com, sgashkirk@aol.com, lauragraham1980@hotmail.com, shonaghhunter@yahoo.co.uk, peter.harelaw@gmail.com, sandrajgsm@gmail.com, ianjwalling@aol.com, twwalling@aol.com, wendy@northcom.co.uk, kathiemarshall95@gmail.com, bsfarmco@btinternet.com, jayne@rogersons.co.uk, fionawalling@aol.com, marcoyote61@gmail.com

The Duke of Buccleuch real name Richard Scott sounds like he could pull the plug on the hunt at any time, so please do contact him.
Details that we have so far:
Skype: buccleuch11
Telephone landline 01835 825004 which is his clerk Jenny Wilkinson