Four Burrow Hunt, revealed to be laying trails over disused mine shafts.

The fox hunting fraternity like to say that any foxes killed by hounds are “accidents” that of course is pure fantasy, the hounds are taught during Autumn Hunting (previously called cub hunting) to kill foxes, the fantasy of “trail hunting” becomes more absurd when you see hounds running along dual carriageways or trespassing onto railway lines.
Of course when the hounds run onto a road if there are sabs or monitors about, the hunt can blame them and say that the hounds were called onto the road by the sabs, a convenient untruth for anyone who is gullible enough to believe their lies.

How far can you stretch this lie of trail hunting? Four Burrow hunt actually lost a number of hounds down a disused mine shaft, in an area known to contain disused mine shafts is there anyone at all left who still believes these hunts go “trail hunting”?

Agm report from 2019, available here.

Thankfully Four Burrow Hunt were already in deep financial trouble before the corona virus struck and we hope that if enough of the subscribers are identified and contacted the hunt’s field numbers will shrink enough for them to disappear into the annals of history.

You can read their full AGM document from June 2020 here.

As always we need your help to track down the people involved in this hunt, if you can find any contact details for any of the subscribers listed here, or in the AGM minutes linked above, we are always interested in social media accounts, contact addresses and phone numbers.

Questions need to be asked about why a hunt lays a trail across an area with disused mine shafts and it is the riders who need to answer.

Page update 8/2/21 to include this map of people involved with this hunt, please return next week as we plan to have more updates on people involved in this hunt.
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Map updated again on the 18th February 2021