Heythrop Hunt

We will stop publishing internal leaks from hunts when the CA makes a public declaration to end the practice of spying on anti hunt activists and make reparations to the victims of their espionage. They have failed to address this publicly so this weeks Hunt to be thrown under the bus by the Countryside Alliance is the prestigious Heythrop, who list as their members none other than David Cameron. Later in the week we will produce a map with all the subscribers and hunt officials on it.

A hunt who has turnover of nearly half a million pounds a year, you can read their full accounts here.

Even with all that money, of course they need to dip into the corona virus grant money. Full spreadsheet (note the number of sheets) on their budget income/expenditure here.

The minutes from Jan 2020 meeting point out just how well they are doing, you can read the minutes in full here.

Like many other hunts, if they receive attention from hunt sabs or monitors, they take trail laying a bit more seriously, 16 years after the ban on fox hunting.

The Green Book we’ve been sent in, has 56 pages, many adverts from sponsors of the hunts and it lists the subscribers addresses and phone numbers, you can read it in full here. The people who go hunting like to say that it isn’t just a sport for rich people, but who else can afford £2,000 for the cheapest subscription this hunt offers?

Perhaps it’s mostly social climbers who want to be part of the same scene as a former prime minister?

We also have a document with 108 subscribers to the hunt, that’s dated October 2020, it includes their email addresses, which has a certain irony to it, as we have started receiving spam emails on our email address, if anyone would like to repay the favour to the hunting world, we don’t mind at all.
Full list here.
To make emailing easier please copy and paste each one of these chunks into an email and ask them politely to stop allowing criminal acts on their land, trail hunting is a smokescreen for foxhunting:

elizabelsmith@gmail.com, amy-aldworth@hotmail.co.uk, bertie.alexander@icloud.com, john@donningtonales.com, matildaashton@gmail.com, cfausten123@gmail.com, hh.sec@hotmail.com, carlos-jose@hotmail.co.uk, georginabarrow@yahoo.co.uk, beckyblandford@gmx.com, brookschristopher@me.com, camillabrowne1996@gmail.com, elizabethbury@hotmail.com, eecampbell@hotmail.com, robertcampbell@farmline.com, hamishcampbell@r-oil.co.uk, hcampion98@gmail.com, sara.cayzer@virgin.net, verenachalk@gmail.com, tom.chamberlayne@riverhousepartners.com, willchanter@hotmail.com, lizziec_1234@hotmail.com, ocorbett105@gmail.com

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