Hunting Action Group (HAG) report, Nov 2019

This document from 2019, was written with a view to lay out the future of fox hunting, you can view the entire document here.

The report starts off by listing people involved in various meetings, interestingly a “Daniel Cherriman” pops up:

Daniel Cherriman was a professional Huntsman at the Pytchley Hunt in 2016 when fox cubs were filmed held in artificial earths to be flushed to hounds, is he really someone to be commenting on the future of “trail hunting”?
You can view that investigation below:

A major headache for a number of hunts at the moment will be their financial problems, due to ever diminishing subscribers and the impact of corona virus. The HAG report will make uncomfortable reading for many many hunts, once again we see the “minimum criteria” get a mention:

So in September 2019 there are 5 minimum criteria, yet as we have already revealed in a previous leak, the minimum criteria document from September 2020 only has 4 requirements:

Notice that the requirement for a hunt to have the “Ability to carry out legal hunting” has been quietly dropped from the list of minimum criteria, perhaps the likes of Daniel Cherriman objected to hunts having to be able to hunt lawfully. Clearly there is a problem and many at the top agree that there are too many hunts, so the minimum criteria is looking very much like a device to shut down hunts. Fewer hunts is seen as the only way that fox hunting can continue.

And then we get on to what to do with hounds, and creating a database to register them and what happens to them, also note that hounds with injuries shouldn’t be displayed in public!

We are fairly confident that this HAG report hasn’t been widely distributed to subscribers and members of hunts, they may be dismayed to find out the people at the top are determined to start shutting down hunts.

Next time you are writing an email to a large land owner like the MOD, please do point out that their own requirements allow for the following of an animal based scent, yet the Countryside Alliance and the Master of Foxhounds Association accredited report, clearly states that by May 2020, all hunts should be following an artificial scent:

Phase 2 is supposed to start at the beginning of the 2021 season, can it really be the case that terrier work is going to start to be phased out this year?

Throughout many of the documents we have seen and hold, over and over it’s the hunt saboteurs that are brought up as the main problem for hunting with hounds to continue, so it’s no surprise that the HAG report once again highlights the CA database of anti hunt protestors, something they say is lawful, but there is nothing lawful about holding data on people without their permission.

In what will be a shock for many fox hunting enthusiasts, it’s not just the MFHA trying to reduce the number of hunts, the Countryside Alliance are also keen to reduce numbers. Every rider on every hunt is a member of the CA, the fewer riders there are, the less money the CA gets, so it can’t have been easy for them to decide they need fewer people if they are going to survive.

And finally, we finish on Simon Hart MP, if you think that change can come from the houses of parliament during a Tory government, think again. The greatest threat to hunting during a Conservative government is the people in the field, please do consider joining the HSA and supporting your local hunt sab group.