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The Hunting Office:
Sab database
Hunting Office structure
Map of Hunting Office meeting attendees
Responsibilities for HO & CA
MFHA committee meeting May 2019
MFHA committee meeting Jul 2019
MFHA committee meeting Sep 2019
MFHA committee meeting Nov 2019
MFHA committee meeting Jan 2020
MFHA committee meeting Apr 2020
MFHA committee meeting July 2020
MFHA committee meeting Sep 2020
Ex-Royal Marines “Matrix” employed to stop sabs
Dealing with Hunt Saboteurs “strictly confidential” page 1 and page 2
Competencies required within a mastership
Hunting Action Group report (HAG) 2019
Special Measures
General Election plan 2019/2020
Kennel Management 2019
MFHA advice, presented by the Sinnington Hunt 2019/20
AXA legal fees insurance via Hunting Office
MFHA Disciplinary Procedures 2020
Directors Report to Committee 2020
Setting Standards April 2020
Corporate Liability of Hunts, Joint Advice
Hunting Code of Conduct, EXAMPLE
Hunting Office financial situation Dec 2019
CHA advice on hound welfare in hunt kennels
Veterinary Advice to Hunt Kennels
Legal Fees
Hunting Office advice on Covid grants

Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles:
Official AHMB map of packs 2017
AGM minutes 2017
AMHB Rules 2020
Closed season for hares letter, April/May 2021

Countryside Alliance:
Sab database
Outline of the two databases held and sharing of intel with police
Responsibilities for HO & CA
Advice to hunts on how to deal with saboteurs.

Vote OK:
2021 PCC election

This is Hunting UK:
September 2018 meeting minutes
Regional organisers email update Jan 2019
Jan 2019 minutes
November 2015 minutes
November 2016 minutes
July 2017 minutes