Jed Forest Hunt document their criminal activity.

Image taken from Jed Forest Hunt Facebook, we have blurred the child’s face.

Hunting with hounds in Scotland was banned in 2002, however one large loophole allows hunts to flush a fox to a gun using as many hounds as they like.
This, they claim, is what they now do. The truth is that they don’t flush to guns because, if they did, then they wouldn’t be “holding up” when they go cub hunting. Holding up is when mounted hunt riders surround a covert/wood and drive any cubs back into the wooded area for young hounds to learn how to kill.

Jed Forest Hunt in their newsletter which we have hold of and you can view here, gives you a glimpse into the satisfaction hunters get from killing foxes:

How are hounds ever “Given Foxes”? We looked at Jed Forest Hunt Facebook page where a picture account of their first day hunting on 8th September was posted to their page at Noon on the 9th September.

They quite blatantly have photographed themselves and written up a report that outlines how they kill foxes illegally.

If you would like to contact the hunt, we have been passed on a list of their email addresses, please do spend a few minutes emailing them and asking them to justify their criminal behaviour:
“Emma Tennant”, “Stephen Gray”,, “Andy Rennie”, “Felicity Blyth”, “Kenny and Karen Lynn”, “Gary Rutherford”, “Alison Hamilton”, “Ryan Patterson”, “Edward, Elizabeth Martin”, “The Marquess Donegal”, “James Denne”, “Di Walton”, “Nin Vestey”, “Sarah Hepple”, “Joanne Brown”, “Mathew Wilkinson”,, “Paul Luke”, “Lorne Brown”, “Sandra Stephen”, “George Anderson”, “Ian Notman”,,,, “Bob Muir”, “Carole Lincoln”, “Ronnie Mur”, “Jenni Pole”, “Jason Renwick”, “Annie Finch”, “Nick Thorne”, “Ann Fraser”, “Loris Pringle”, “Sheila Shell”, “Jamie Innes”, “Paul Gibson”, “Kevin Rae”, “Jim Walker”, “Alistair Parkin”, “Nicola Leggate”, “Linda Heard”, “Julie Lowrie”, “Jamie Church”, “David Mactaggart”, “Wendy Hamilton”,

“Sarah Brodie”, “Claire White”, “James Vestry”, “Annabelle Scott”, “Peter Douglas”, “Ted Upton”, “Serena Dale”, “Jeremy Mactaggart”, “Shaun Anderson”, “Annabelle Story”, “Shirley Laing ”, “Malcolm Henderson”, “Jed Burn”, “Jim Young”, “John Gray ”, “Lindsay Nichol”, “Alannah Ritchie”, “Bill Farnsworth”, “Joe Scott Plummer”,, “Katie Shirley-Beavan”, “Jeremy Dorrit Moon”, “Rory Innes”,

“Carol Nesbitt”,, “Sandy Scott”, “Jeremy Smith”, “Rhonda Hill”, “Emily Douglas”, “Sarah Little”, “Norman Pender”, “Keith Park”, “Kenny Swan ”, “Jan Scott”, “Sarah Hislop”, “Gordon Hislo”, “Marjorie Renwick”, “Marion Hutchison”, “Darren Gilbertson”, “Lynsay Allison”,, “Emily Murray”, “Lisa Donaldson”, “Michael Morley”, “James Manners”,, “Brian Kelly”,

“Ailsa Tweedie”,, “Wendy Young”, “Edwina Stacy Marks”, “Joanne Dunkley ”, “Rhona Elliot”,, “Kelly Bryson”, “Sarah Jane Hogg”, “Valerie Wares”, “Suzie Claydon”, “Katie Stephens”, “Kate Mactaggart ”,,, “Daphne Dale”, “Jane Douglas”,, “Wendy Young”, “Jo Fox”, “Anne Millar”, “Clive Wenham”, “Finoula Kerr”, “Mary Drysdale”,

“George Shirley-Beavan”, “Keith Jeffrey”, “Buccleuch Hunt”, “Ali Teasdale”, “Michelle Dodds”, “Sue Langford”, “Kathryn Bewley ”, “Gareth Hicks”, “Kyle Currie”,, “Gillian McFadyen ”, “Emma McCallum”, “Ian Hislop”, “Phillipa Shirley Beavan ”, “Gary Dickson”, “Sarah Page ”, “Alan Mactaggart”, “Cameron Thomson”, “Jacqueline Lindsay”, “Stephen Brown”, “Jane Douglas”, “Kevin Liddle”, “Victoria Cuthbert”,

“Joe Crawford”, “Cicely Thorne”, “Lesley Douglas”, “Pip Brandon”, “Shona McHutchison”, “Liz Boon”, “Micheal Dale”, “Kelly Mitchell”, “Gavin Scott”, “Ryan Barron”, “Anita Wilson”, “Jeremy Phipps”, “Ryan McGee”, “David Stephenson ”,, “Karen Wardrop”, “Livy Agnew”,, “Gareth Harrop”,, “Lynn Park”, “Wallace Donnan”,

“June Campbell”,,, “Derek Paxton”, “Gavin Young”, “John Curtis”, “Thomas Mulvee”, “Margaret Hedley ”, “Gregor Paxton”, “Alan Bailey”, “Wendy Hickson”, “Jennifer Park”, “Ronan Brown ”, “Will Fair”, “Kenneth Hall”, “Kirsty Brown”, “Harriet Graham ”, “Emma Smail”, “Duncan McFadyen”, “Barbara Richmond – Cumberland”, “Ed Bell”, “Georgie Bell”, “Stuart Monks”, “John Irvine”,

“Micheal Wares”, “Peter Scott”, “Neil Keery”, “Katie Shirley-Beavan ”, “Adie Smith”, “Alan Anderson ”, “Andrew Illius”, “Barry Wood ”, “Jim Purdie ”, “Bob Taylor”, “Chloe Scott ”, “Connor McCabe”, “Emma Whiteley ”, “Helen Scott Watson ”, “Holly Kirk ”, “Jacqui Tait”, “Jane Douglas”, “Jane Lubbock ”, “Janet Muir”, “Joy Dobbie ”,

“Kamran Mahler”, “Kevin Liddle”, “Lesley Crozier Smith ”, “Lisa Reid ”, “Maude Brownlie”, “Robert Claydon”, “Willy Donald”, “martin johnson”, “Karla Purves”, “Corrie Newlands”, “Anna o’”, “Ian Campbell”, “Phily Parrish”, “Caroline Casson ”, “Lucy Spence”, “Francesca Leslie”, “Robyn Crawford”, “Fraser Ainslie”, “charlotte mooney”, “ladyhelenlong” “Jedforest Hunt Supporters”