Kimblewick Hunt

On January 1st 2019 Mark Vincent and Ian Parkinson (pictured above) were filmed by the hunt saboteurs association. The footage was published in The Times a week later:

Later on in the year the two terriermen were given suspended prison sentences you can read about that here.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) as the governing body waited until after the court case to have their own enquiry into what had taken place and what form of punishment those involved should receive, this is an entirely secret affair and the documents are not made public, until now.

MFHA Kimblewick Enquiry Report 25/9/2020

So it was accepted that the Kimblewick Hunt had brought hunting into disrepute.

So it is normal for terrier men to be working in front of the hunt, why would that be the case if the hunt is following a trail?
The artificial earth in question was created in 2010, some 5 years AFTER the ban on fox hunting.
Why would a hunt that is following trails mind if people filmed them?
IP refers to Ian Parkinson, the idea of stopping him from being the terrierman after being convicted of animal cruelty hadn’t even occurred to the hunt.
So both terriermen are banned from terrier work for 2 years, yet just a 5 days later Ian Parkinson was filmed out with the hunt by Grafton Hunt Watch.
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Beds & Bucks hunt sabs filmed him a couple of weeks before on the 19th September :

The MFHA was clearly completely ignored by the Kimblewick Hunt and when you look through this yellow book for the kimblewick hunt, you can see that Parkinson is very much still part of the hunt as he helps to run the supporters club.

The Yellow Book also contains a number of phone numbers and email addresses for the people who run this hunt, please do contact them and ask them questions as to why they have allowed a convicted wildlife criminal to continue if their hunt is a trail hunt that hunts within the law.