Mendip Farmers Hunt

The Kennels, Nine Barrows Lane, Priddy, Wells, Somerset BA5 3BH
tel: 01749 870271
The Mendips Hunt traces it’s history back to 1760, they are well known for violence towards anyone who tries to stop them killing, or attempts to film them, making them one of the more dangerous hunts in the South West. Their followers include Jacob Rees Mogg and Lord Waldegreave.
They are currently close to financial ruin, the thousands they earn from Glastonbury each year has evaporated and so has the thousands they earn each year from illegal street collections on boxing day meets.
Their own documents outline the problems a summary of the documents below can be found here.
Draft minutes for meeting held on 15th June 2020, download here.
Minutes for 22nd June 2020, download here.
Minutes for 2nd November 2020, download here.
Financials sheets from 2020:

You can find all the committee members on this spreadsheet.
The map below is based on this spreadsheet.

if you have more documents from the Mendip Farmers Hunt, please email us.