New Forest Hounds

The New Forest Hunt (NFH) were hit hardest by the ban on trail hunting by Forestry England whilst the webinars police investigation is underway. In their meeting minutes from 30th November they point the finger at the Hunting Office for this problem, odd seeing as one of their own people were featured on the webinars, Mr. Will Day:

Our source within the hunt told us that it took multiple attempts by the hunt to secure a coronavirus grant from East Hampshire council, we think that it might be worth sending in FOI to that council, please email us if you recieve a response from the council asking for their communications with the New Forest Hounds.

Below is a list of internal documents, then a list of subscribers, and a map of where subscribers live, the map will be updated as more intel comes in.

This information is being published due to the Countryside Alliance holding secret databases on anti hunt activists, and another hunt will be exposed next week and the week after etc etc until the CA comes clean and publicly admits it’s crime and makes reparations to their victims.

Of all the hunts we currently have data on, we chose New Forest Hounds as Will Day is well known for taking photos of anti hunt activists and passing on the footage to the central Countryside Alliance database.

Internal Documents:
NFH Newsletter Autumn 2020
Hunt Club minutes 24th Aprl 20
New Forest Hunt Club2020accounts
NF treasurersreport23420-huntclub
Execminutes October 19 2020
Execminutes November 30th 2020

Subscribers names and emails:
Simpson Keith
Woolley Harvey Bob
Randell Helen
Haynes Jim
Thew Tracey
Jones Gilly
Stace Larry Marie
Sharp Vanessa
Webb Frank
Ferris Graham Maggie
Lacey Tracey
Blachford Eve
Cleal Jane
Waite Sonja
Zdrochecki Marisia
Holtham Eddie
Curley John Jane
Picton Lynne
Vann Kate
Vann Martin
Courtenage Bill Tricia East
Macdonald Fiona
Peett John
Peett Katrina
Spence Chris
Cross Pauline
Withers Phil
Lovell Carol
Readhead David
Eales Arthur Trisha
Burgess Angie
Clarke Kathy
Barker Jas
Wilson Graham
Thomas Adam
Bunch Colette
Barrow Jenny
Arigho Jane
Taylor Tony
Husbands Jonathan Marilyn
Rendle Penny
Nadel Mark
Dovey Sam
Lang Lucinda
Squibb Mike
Javis John
Thom Pamela
Payne Edward
Crosthwaite – Eyre Rebecca
Verdon Marge
Frank Ralph
Long Sue
Hare Steven
Stevenson Robert
Russell Alison
Dobson – Spink Pauline
Collins-Gilchrist Christina
Mills Isabelle
Tilbury A L
Fear Sally
Page Kirsty
Smorfitt Sue
Howard Heather
Sutton Melanie
Webster Graham
Trafford Margaret
Allen Kevin
Knox Christopher
Hudson Pat
Ames Paul
Blackwell Sheila
Gilley Roger
Southward Nigel
Starling Karen
Stokes Martin
Page Arthur
Taylor Tony Anna
Hollins Andrew
Wilson Sheryl
Galan Susie
King Bill
Pollard Jean
Bell Roger
Brown Pam
Dowsett Barry
Drewett Jim
Day Victoria
Francis Maggie
Hockley Tony
Sharp Vanessa
Brett Mike Sonia
O’Dell Richard
Winter Rachel

To email them you can copy and paste these chunks here into a single email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Please “zoom out” to see all the markers on the map.