“The Avon Vale 6” EXPOSED

The Avon Vale hunt people involved in flushing foxes to hounds and feeding a fox to hounds were on Thursday 9th Feb brought to the BHSA office to be suspended. The BHSA may well look like they have finally done something, finally being the key word as they had been sitting on the footage for a month hoping it would never come to light, when it did they had to be seen to do something. Here are the people involved, thanks to all the people who helped collate this information.

Aaron Fookes the red coat in this picture is the man in green jacket who pulls the fox out of the badger sett

Next up is the master Stuart Radbourne who was previously convicted of badger sett digging alongside the notorious police crime commissioner candidate Johnathon Seed

He is the person heard shouting “it’s a brace”

The man who pulls the terrier out of the sett is Alex Warden, his girlfriend Melissa Hyde is with him in this picture:

They can be seen together in the footage as well, here he has the terrier in his hands and she’s right next to him:

The man kneeling on the floor with the flat cap is UNKNOWN but we have a better image of him here we think:

Lastly the man who is responsible for bringing down the hunt Harry Mayo, well done Harry for recording the footage and bragging about it in your whatsapp groups:

Tetcott Hunt folds due to lack of cash.

These hounds may well soon be shot and thrown in the bin.

We have received this email today:

At an EGM held last night (04/08/2022) at SUTCOMBE village hall, members of the Tetcott Hunt voted 11 to 4 (unconfirmed) to place the TETCOTT HUNT into SUSPENSION

The Chair of the TETCOTT hunt a Mrs. EMMA HART and Secretary a Mrs. JENNY NICHOLLS explained that due to the recent sudden and unexpected immediate resignation of the last remaining MASTER DIANA STEVENS, together with the continued lack of support, and poor attendance at both hunt meets and events, and for financial reasons, the committee had agreed, even though at the 2021 AGM and despite facing massive difficulties and very poor support, they had voted to continue hunting for another year, they were now left with no alternative but to call an EGM to propose the suspension of the Tetcott Hunt.

A Gentleman attendee who introduced himself as a FORMER MASTER of the Tetcott Hunt (Name Unknown) asked why had it not been advertised the Tetcott Hunt needed Masters, He would have been prepared to take the position again, the chair and secretary then explained that actually, the OFFICERS had taken the decision to propose to suspend anyway for financial reasons. This prompted questions from their own COMMITTEE MEMBERS, who asked “when did we discuss and agree to this as a committee?” with some rather red faces the officers present explained that perhaps actually it wasn’t discussed at committee level and the lack of support and poor finances simply meant the hunt could not continue regardless.

Questions and concerns were then expressed by many from the floor regarding the Tetcott HOUNDS and their welfare. ACTING HUNTSMAN and HOUND TRUSTEE ANDREW NICHOLLS explained he had not been able to approach other packs as to their ability to take Tetcott Hounds until the decision had been formally made to suspend the hunt. His WIFE and SECRETARY Jenny explained, that if the proposal was made to suspend, and hounds were left at the Kennels after such time as the Tetcott Kennel Hand currently employed by the Tetcott and whom it is understood has been given notice to quit, then “her husband” would MOVE into the kennels to ensure hound welfare and stay until such time as all hounds are draughted.

Members of the floor not satisfied by this non-committal answer sought confirmation and confirmation no hounds would be euthanised as normally happens when hunts fold. An attendee explained regrettably this had happened at the North Cornwall Hunt following the collapse of the South Cornwall Hunt, and despite best intentions, many hounds had to be destroyed.

The Regional representative of the MFHA Paul Hancock who was present was asked by the floor would the MFHA oversee and commit to the safe re-homing of hounds and ensure no hounds were destroyed?, a Mr RICHARD TYACKE Director of the MFHA stood up and explained he would answer this question on behalf of Mr. Hancock (Four Burrow Hunt) and the MFHA and said whilst they would do their very best they simply were not able to commit or guarantee that hounds would not be DESTROYED should the Tetcott Hunt Fold.

Then followed more heated and personal exchanges between the members present and the committee, officers, and MFHA which at one point even saw members walk out.

A member then asked why the proposed merger between the Tetcott and South Tetcott had fallen through, a Mr. SIMON KERSLAKE an ex-master and former chairman of the SOUTH TETCOTT HUNT requested to address the audience in respect of this merger which he explained he had been at all of the meetings regarding the merger talks, although the reasons for the failure for the merger were not given. Mr. Richard Tyacke from the MFHA also explained his and the MFHA’s deep disappointment at this failure for the two hunts to merge and he also said they had tried to work with both hunts but it was clear there had been a clash of personalities between the two hunt committees and whilst those officers remained in office no merger between hunts would happen.

Questions about the state of the hunt’s financial affairs were then put to the officers of the TETCOTT, with one noticeably and perhaps an embarrassingly empty chair at the top table, that of the same former Master Diana Stevens, whom members were told remains in office as TREASURER despite her sudden departure as a Master, but WAS NOT present to answer the member’s or committees questions surrounding the hunt finances nor had sent apologies.

When questioned, It was confirmed the Tetcott Hunt Committee would remain in office and attempt to rent out the kennels property (ROWDEN FARM Kilkhampton Cornwall) which it is understood they own until such time loans on the property are repaid and the hunt would remain in suspension indefinitely and the hounds moved to other hunts where possible on the understanding they would go back to the TETCOTT should they ever resume hunting. When questioned if the Tetcott “Country” would now be hunted or given to adjoining Hunts the officers and MFHA explained it would remain whilst the Tetcott is in suspension Tetcott country and could be hunted by other packs “by invitation” but would not be given up unless another EGM is called and a motion proposed and passed to WIND UP the Tetcott Hunt.

Mr Tyack suggested of course should perhaps “some wealthy person” move into the hunt “country” the current disputes and difficulties amongst the hunt resolved and refreshed support established then there would always be the possibility the hunt could resume, but this was of course however extremely unlikely.

Many members of the audience whom professed to have been “hunting all their life” proclaimed this was a “sad day” and “you will never see the Tetcott hunt again”

The Meeting, very much it would seem like the Tetcott Hunt itself was then brought to a close.

Cheshire Beagles want to fold

But Mark Davies notorious ex judge and softcore porn star doesn’t want that.

We have just been passed on these internal documents outlining the current situation:

Mr. Davies is not happy!

Country Squire Magazine, run by a far right extremist who commits fraud.

In the news yesterday, Chris Packham takes on an unknown magazine for libel, but who is behind this little read rag for blood sports enthusiasts and far right nutters?
step forward “Dom Wightman”

Dominic Wightman was born in 1972. He was privately educated and
attended the LSE. Following his graduation his father, a banker, set him
up in business in London, although he accrued various debts and
relocated to the USA.

He returned to the UK in 2005. His family were involved in local
Conservative Party activism, and in the wake of the 7/7 bombing he
decided to reinvent himself as an expert on Islamic extremism and
terrorism. He created a group called “the VIGIL Network”, and through
his contacts he gained the confidence of Patrick Mercer MP, who at the
time was the Shadow Minister for Homeland Security. He changed the
spelling of his surname to “Whiteman” during this time. Mercer
introduced him to police officers at Scotland Yard and arranged for him
to appear on BBC “Newsnight”.

While running VIGIL, Wightman employed a young woman as his assistant.
He delayed paying her for months, saying that was waiting for some
funding to come through. He even resorted to creating a fake email from
a third party to reassure her. There is also reason to believe that he
was concocting false evidence of Islamist plotting. His assistant
eventually took him to an industrial tribunal and was awarded £13,000,
although he declared bankruptcy in 2009 to avoid paying her. This
website has some fuller details – it has a particular political slant,
but the facts are sound:


In the months and years that followed his bankruptcy Wightman posed
variously as a gold dealer, as the owner of a bank, as a search engine
optimisation expert, as the owner of a gold mine in the Philippines and
as running a media empire based in Hong Kong. He also engaged in acts of
online harassment against various people who were aware of his true

In 2016 Wightman left Dorking in Surrey (again, having accrued debts)
first for West Sussex and later for Devon. At this point he decided to
reinvent himself once again, this time as a countryside expert. He
linked up with Jamie Foster, a Director of the Countryside Alliance who
was also known as a solicitor advising fox hunters and farmers. They
together created the “Country Squire Magazine” website.
In the months that followed, the site got into trouble for running fake
adverts that falsely associated the site with high-end brands, and for
running a crudely anti-Irish article (Wightman frequently mocks Irish
people, and at one time he used a troll account to abuse the Irish
ambassador in London as a “bogtrotter”). Jamie Foster was made bankrupt
in March 2018, although it was registered under his full name of James
Michael Anthony Foster.

Meanwhile, using his middle name of “Martin”, Wightman was implicated in
allegations of a corrupt security contract with the government of Ghana:


Wightman also currently has a website where he claims to be the CEO of
an international mining company. There is no evidence the company really
exists, though, and at least some of the photos have simply been stolen
from other websites:


More recently, Wightman has used the “Country Squire Magazine” website
and also other sites to accuse Torbay Council of corruption and to
attack a local homeless charity. He has also created two charities of
his own, although there is no evidence that either of them are active
beyond asking for donations.

In November 2019, the “Sun” newspaper ran an article promoting a website
called “Hijacked Labour”, which purported to show links between Jeremy
Corbyn and various extremists. The chart was crude and conspiratorial,
and the “Guardian” noted that it was first promoted by the “Country
Squire Magazine” website. There is strong reason to believe that
Wightman was behind the creation of the “chart”, although he arranged
for someone else to be the “front man”:


Alongside these activities, Wightman has continued to harass people
online in various ways. He has had two Twitter accounts under his own
name suspended (@dom_wightman and @domwightmangb), and his
@cquiremagazine Twitter account was also suspended for a while.

This article on his history is also worth a read: Dominic Whiteman

East Essex Hunt Terrierman filmed attacking fox with garden fork.

North London Hunt Sabs, filmed Paul O’Shea the terrier man from the East Essex Hunt, catch a fox that he’d flushed from an artificial earth then attacked it with a garden fork. You can watch the video and find out more on the hunt sabs website: here.

Paul O’Shea was raised within the world of fox hunting by his father John O’Shea. John O’Shea was the master of the East Essex hunt for 36 years according to this piece written about Paul’s brother Patrick.

Paul’s wife is Wendy O’Shea who is one of the Joint Masters of the East Essex Hunt

In the video a young woman can be seen laughing and helping out, this looks to be Scarlett O’Shea their daughter, she is currently 16 years old and so we are not posting any photographs of her or any of her social media details.
Charlie is Scarlett’s brother, he is now 18 and is also a terrierman for the East Essex Hunt.

They all live at:

Paul O’Shea
mobile is 07900 682 024
email: paul.oshea@orchardgroup.co.uk
workplace is Orchard Group the CEO is Simon Fordham who is an ex master of a hunt himself.

Wendy O’Shea
mobile is 07718 318755
email is wendyo@quikmail.co.uk

Dwyryd Hunt, badger baiting fox hunters who are still registered with MFHA.

Tonight on ITV news it was revealed that a hunt in Snowdonia had all it’s hounds taken from them, you can watch the news clip here.

Whilst we don’t know the details of the investigation, what we do know is that this hunt has some very serious history, back in 2018 the master of the hunt was caught badger baiting and dog fighting. You can read more about it here.


David Thomas, the master of the hunt was banned from keeping dogs for 8 years and sent to prison for 22 weeks, at the time the longest sentence possible for animal cruelty offences was 26 weeks. That maximum has recently been upped to 5 years.

What is particularly surprising is that the Masters of Foxhounds Association, allowed Mr.Thomas to remain affiliated to them, retaining his position as “Master of Foxhounds” during a stint in prison and afterwards even though he’s banned from keeping dogs. Perhaps just paying your membership entitles to do whatever you like and the MFHA will look the other way whilst taking the money?

Screenshots of Bailys hunt directory are taken regularly, most recently was about 3 weeks ago, we reveal here that Dwryryd hunt were indeed still affiliated to the MFHA when the raid took place today:

Contact details from Baileys listing back in 2018 when the first offences took place:

David Thomas
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 3EL
Tel: 01766 830661

Miss Jane Fazakerle
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 3EL
07766 195336

Elfed Williams
42 Pengwndwn,
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 4AB
Tel: 01766 831424
Mob: 07918 011016
Email: foxhunter43@hotmail.co.uk

Sarah Moulds: Primary School Teacher, Fox Hunter and Pony Puncher.

Last night we were tipped off about Sarah Moulds being the Cottesmore Pony Puncher. Various links were passed on to us, but we struggled to find a picture. One of the problems in finding an image to prove it was her was the fact that her facebook profile AND the Cottesmore Hunt facebook page had both been deleted. Her facebook profile URL shows her maiden name of Stimson.

This morning we noticed that a webpage listing Sarah Moulds as a team manager for the local Cottesmore Pony Club had been updated and mysteriously overnight her name had been deleted. Thankfully the Wayback Machine gave us access to the page from February this year:

But we still didn’t have a photo of Sarah Moulds that we could compare to the person filmed punching the pony at the Cottesmore Hunt…
Until this image was passed on to us of Sarah Moulds at a charity function at her school. We are not going to link to the school webpage and we have blurred out the childrens faces on this image from 3 years ago:

The shape of her eyes, eyelids, forehead and cheeks all match to the other two photographs we had found online of the person at the scene. The only real difference is length of her hair.

She holds a senior role at Somerby school:

She is not only a teacher but is also a trustee on the schools charity board and a director of the School:

We would implore everyone to please consider the children in this. Children should not be taken out Hunting. Not only will they be exposed to incredible animal cruelty, but there is always a risk of personal injury whilst out on a hunt. They may be deemed “accidents” but they could be easily avoided by simply not allowing children on hunts and we would ask people in the equine world to speak out on this point.

Children should never be exposed to animal abuse, but it’s even more traumatic for them when the animal abuser is in a position of trust; in this case a teacher and pony club team leader attacking animals when they lose their temper (something that many fox hunters are prone too).

The End for Hunting Leaks?

When we set up Hunting Leaks as a response to hunt sabs being spied upon by the Countryside Alliance, we had enough materiel to last a few months, so we are glad to have kept publishing all the way to the start of the 2021/22 hunting season.

We have no current plans to update the site with any new hunts details or internal documents from hunting organisations. But we may return at some point in the future.

We wish all the anti hunting activist in the UK and globally all the best and we hope we’ve gone some way to proving that fox hunting still takes place despite a ban. The smokescreen of trail hunting has been lifted, so it’s now in all our hands to finish the job off and contact as many landowners as possible, for it is they who hold the future of hunting in their hands.

When you hear of a fox killed, a hunt sab attacked or a some other crime by a hunt, please do consider looking through our list of “Hunts Exposed” and then contacting as many of the people involved in that hunt as you can. Remain polite and you will be acting entirely lawfully.

Love and Liberation
Hunting Leaks