East Essex Hunt Terrierman filmed attacking fox with garden fork.

North London Hunt Sabs, filmed Paul O’Shea the terrier man from the East Essex Hunt, catch a fox that he’d flushed from an artificial earth then attacked it with a garden fork. You can watch the video and find out more on the hunt sabs website: here.

Paul O’Shea was raised within the world of fox hunting by his father John O’Shea. John O’Shea was the master of the East Essex hunt for 36 years according to this piece written about Paul’s brother Patrick.

Paul’s wife is Wendy O’Shea who is one of the Joint Masters of the East Essex Hunt

In the video a young woman can be seen laughing and helping out, this looks to be Scarlett O’Shea their daughter, she is currently 16 years old and so we are not posting any photographs of her or any of her social media details.
Charlie is Scarlett’s brother, he is now 18 and is also a terrierman for the East Essex Hunt.

They all live at:

Paul O’Shea
mobile is 07900 682 024
email: paul.oshea@orchardgroup.co.uk
workplace is Orchard Group the CEO is Simon Fordham who is an ex master of a hunt himself.

Wendy O’Shea
mobile is 07718 318755
email is wendyo@quikmail.co.uk

Dwyryd Hunt, badger baiting fox hunters who are still registered with MFHA.

Tonight on ITV news it was revealed that a hunt in Snowdonia had all it’s hounds taken from them, you can watch the news clip here.

Whilst we don’t know the details of the investigation, what we do know is that this hunt has some very serious history, back in 2018 the master of the hunt was caught badger baiting and dog fighting. You can read more about it here.


David Thomas, the master of the hunt was banned from keeping dogs for 8 years and sent to prison for 22 weeks, at the time the longest sentence possible for animal cruelty offences was 26 weeks. That maximum has recently been upped to 5 years.

What is particularly surprising is that the Masters of Foxhounds Association, allowed Mr.Thomas to remain affiliated to them, retaining his position as “Master of Foxhounds” during a stint in prison and afterwards even though he’s banned from keeping dogs. Perhaps just paying your membership entitles to do whatever you like and the MFHA will look the other way whilst taking the money?

Screenshots of Bailys hunt directory are taken regularly, most recently was about 3 weeks ago, we reveal here that Dwryryd hunt were indeed still affiliated to the MFHA when the raid took place today:

Contact details from Baileys listing back in 2018 when the first offences took place:

David Thomas
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 3EL
Tel: 01766 830661

Miss Jane Fazakerle
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 3EL
07766 195336

Elfed Williams
42 Pengwndwn,
Blaenau Ffestiniog,
LL41 4AB
Tel: 01766 831424
Mob: 07918 011016
Email: foxhunter43@hotmail.co.uk

Sarah Moulds: Primary School Teacher, Fox Hunter and Pony Puncher.

Last night we were tipped off about Sarah Moulds being the Cottesmore Pony Puncher. Various links were passed on to us, but we struggled to find a picture. One of the problems in finding an image to prove it was her was the fact that her facebook profile AND the Cottesmore Hunt facebook page had both been deleted. Her facebook profile URL shows her maiden name of Stimson.

This morning we noticed that a webpage listing Sarah Moulds as a team manager for the local Cottesmore Pony Club had been updated and mysteriously overnight her name had been deleted. Thankfully the Wayback Machine gave us access to the page from February this year:

But we still didn’t have a photo of Sarah Moulds that we could compare to the person filmed punching the pony at the Cottesmore Hunt…
Until this image was passed on to us of Sarah Moulds at a charity function at her school. We are not going to link to the school webpage and we have blurred out the childrens faces on this image from 3 years ago:

The shape of her eyes, eyelids, forehead and cheeks all match to the other two photographs we had found online of the person at the scene. The only real difference is length of her hair.

She holds a senior role at Somerby school:

She is not only a teacher but is also a trustee on the schools charity board and a director of the School:

We would implore everyone to please consider the children in this. Children should not be taken out Hunting. Not only will they be exposed to incredible animal cruelty, but there is always a risk of personal injury whilst out on a hunt. They may be deemed “accidents” but they could be easily avoided by simply not allowing children on hunts and we would ask people in the equine world to speak out on this point.

Children should never be exposed to animal abuse, but it’s even more traumatic for them when the animal abuser is in a position of trust; in this case a teacher and pony club team leader attacking animals when they lose their temper (something that many fox hunters are prone too).

The End for Hunting Leaks?

When we set up Hunting Leaks as a response to hunt sabs being spied upon by the Countryside Alliance, we had enough materiel to last a few months, so we are glad to have kept publishing all the way to the start of the 2021/22 hunting season.

We have no current plans to update the site with any new hunts details or internal documents from hunting organisations. But we may return at some point in the future.

We wish all the anti hunting activist in the UK and globally all the best and we hope we’ve gone some way to proving that fox hunting still takes place despite a ban. The smokescreen of trail hunting has been lifted, so it’s now in all our hands to finish the job off and contact as many landowners as possible, for it is they who hold the future of hunting in their hands.

When you hear of a fox killed, a hunt sab attacked or a some other crime by a hunt, please do consider looking through our list of “Hunts Exposed” and then contacting as many of the people involved in that hunt as you can. Remain polite and you will be acting entirely lawfully.

Love and Liberation
Hunting Leaks

Hunt Kennels security encouraged to stop cameras!

Andrew Osborne, new to the job of being Chairman of the Masters of Foxhounds Association seems to think that security procedures can stop someone from filming at a kennels. This idea is absurd, a handheld camera can be left to record for over a week and film at distances of several hundred meters, all it takes is the right terrain and angle and it becomes obvious that most hunt kennels are vulnerable to being filmed.
What have they got to hide?

Chilmark & Clifton Foot Beagles

This newsletter was published shortly after the webinars from the MFHA came out last year. They talk a lot about following trails, but are talking about killing rabbits at the same time. Making it difficult to believe they are actually trail hunting:

Hankinson can’t be guilty because he’s done nothing wrong!

When Mr.Hankinson the director of the MFHA made his first court appearance earlier this year, Mr. Mancroft sent out this carefully worded explanation as to why Mr.Hankinson couldn’t possibly be guilty. No doubt many of the hunt masters who received the messaged were greatly relieved…