AXA AGM and other upcoming demonstrations.

Demonstrations are now being organised outside AXA offices, one in Leeds and another in Manchester, keep an eye out on twitter and facebook for others, which may well be getting organised as we write this. West Yorkshire Sabs have also organised a fund raiser for stickers which they will be posting out as soon as they come back from the printers.

We were very grateful to receive a tip off about AXA upcoming AGM, after a small amount of research we found out that anyone can tick a box saying they are a shareholder and then start to raise the issue of fox hunting. We’d suggest a variety of tactics, pretend that you are an AXA shareholder who doesn’t care about fox hunting but thinks it’s bad for business, or maybe tell them you have hundreds of shares and will be selling them after the AGM if the issue isn’t resolved. Use your imagination!
Goto this page:

and click on the text saying: “Click here to ask your questions before the Shareholders’ Meeting”
In the top right hand corner choose your language, French or English and away you go!
Please do spread the word on this one, the more the merrier!

AXA Caught Flying Under The Rradar

Axa providing legal fees insurance presents a number of questions, some of which we’ll try to answer in this post using insider information. This image below explains the main points:

The last point on this list is quite interesting that hunts must have credible photographic or video evidence of legal hunting on a daily basis, this would mean filming a trail on the day of hunting. Something that didn’t happen on a recent case involving the Lamerton Hunt, perhaps insurance fraud has been committed, we do not know, but it came up in court that trails had not been laid that day:

It’s interesting that the Hunting Office in April last year decided to absorb the increased cost of the insurance policy, which had gone up by 10%, the reason? because so many hunts are on a financial knife edge:

The actual cost of the insurance premium for each hunt is explained in the September 2019 MFHA minutes:

Master of Foxhounds Association registration fees include the cost of insurance. So what happens when someone in a hunt falls foul of the law? the first thing they do is contact the appropriate specialist solicitor who is on the MFHA panel:

McClarrons is run by Sean McClarron, ex master of the Derwent hunt and infamous for killing a motorcyclist, his firm has secured the insurance from AXA and deals with claims. AXA for their part offer rradar as a legal service to their clients.

We would ask everyone to start asking rradar on instagram and twitter why they are providing legal services for known crime gangs. If you haven’t already please take a minute to contact AXA by email, we have template letters on this link.

If AXA do pull their legal fees insurance, whilst some hunts are very wealthy, they are in the minority, the vast majority of hunts are on a financial knife edge and if they are caught doing anything wrong and don’t have this insurance they may well be forced into huge amounts of debt if they want to have a decent lawyer. The anti hunting movement has never had such an opportunity to crush fox hunters and we would remind people that the information on this site has been acquired and published at some risk by a number of individuals, for their sake and the sake of the wildlife chased to the point of exhaustion and then ripped apart, we must seize this opportunity with both hands.

AXA insurance for fox hunting must end.

On Friday April 2nd, we revealed that AXA are providing legal insurance to every single registered fox hunt in the UK. There is a document backing up our claim that you can read here. This is the first part of it:

We can now reveal ANOTHER internal document that reveals that the Hunting Office expects that they will indeed one day lose the legal fees insurance, this document is from the Associated Masters of Harriers and Beagles AGM July 2020, you can read it in full here.

We suspect that the “hunting man in the industry” is Sean McClarron ex Master of the Derwent Hunt who runs the insurance company McClarrons. McClarron himself is no stranger to court cases having been to court for killing a motorcyclist and also in 2017 relying on the AXA policy himself when he went to court for Hunting Act offences.

On Monday 5th of April AXA replied on twitter that they are looking into the policy:

The anti hunting community may well be on the cusp of an historic victory, we sincerely hope that AXA will drop fox hunting legal fees insurance and make a statement about it in the coming days. To ensure that victory we need as many people as possible to contact AXA, on twitter or facebook and most importantly via email:,,,,

Please do write your own email, but if you would like to use a template we have had two written:
AXA template email for policy holders
AXA template email for non policy holders

Together with a small amount of effort, we can put a huge dent in the finances of fox hunting thugs across the country.

Cotswold Vale and South Herefordshire Hunt amalgamation.

Since the summer of 2020 people from the Cotswold Vale Hunt and the South Herefordshire have been having discussions on combining, that was finalised in February this year.

Going forwards they will be called “the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt” with no mention of the south Herefordshire, this is probably due to the past actions of the south herefordshire hunt being caught feeding fox cubs live to hounds.

The Hunting Office Kennel Management Guide 2019

Quite a long document at 95 pages, quite a lot of information on how to run a kennels as you’d expect given the title.

Keep turning the pages and on page 53 the document widens out to cover a variety of issues for the fox hunting fraternity.

It even goes on to warn the importance of not boasting on social media about any illegal activity.

Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles, Rules 2020.

Reading through the AMHB rules and the mention of “hare” comes up quite quickly, we searched the entire document and found “hare” was mentioned 5 times, yet when we searched “trail” there were no results. You can read through the entire document yourself here.

You have to wonder why they don’t want the beagles rehomed with anyone other than people involved in hunting:

Please note, going forwards we will be publishing internal documents, including meeting minutes on Wednesdays and a specific hunt every Sunday, guest blogs will go up as and when we get them in.


Along with the official AMHB hunt country map that we published yesterday, we also received the AGM minutes from 2017 which you can download here.

So trail laid scents started to improve in December!? Sounds like they were hunting wildlife and not trails.

Why can’t dogs be rehomed outside of the kennels? and if they are being rehomed outside of kennels, why is it only subscribers to hunts can look after the dogs when they get older? Some of the hunts don’t have many subscribers and so where are the older dogs all going to go?

Hunting Office financials December 2019

We have been passed this document;

If you would like to post about this on social media and want to use the image, we suggest cropping out the name and contact details at the bottom as they can lead to suspensions of accounts on Twitter and restriction of audience on Facebook. This image below is what we would recommend to share (right click and choose copy, then paste into your post is the fastest way)

MFHA committee meeting Jul 2019

“An email to a third party in which Lord Mancroft had expressed remarks about CA Board members found its way into the hands of CA Board members. Lord Mancroft has written to all those involved to apologise unreservedly.
The CA Board has voted to remove Lord Mancroft.”

Read the full document below: