MFHA committee meeting Jul 2019

“An email to a third party in which Lord Mancroft had expressed remarks about CA Board members found its way into the hands of CA Board members. Lord Mancroft has written to all those involved to apologise unreservedly.
The CA Board has voted to remove Lord Mancroft.”

Read the full document below:

Master of Foxhounds Association, meeting 12/9/19

This is Hunting UK, photo of hounds, something they use frequently to garner support, but do they actually care about their dogs?

The truth about how much hunts actually care about the animals in their care is made crystal clear in these meeting minutes by disgraced director of the MFHA Mark Hankinson:

“Mark Hankinson reported on the Kennel Visit programme. He expressed concern about the number of cases where hounds had been disciplined by the huntsman, which had been witnessed by volunteers/helpers/ hunt supporters and the huntsman’s actions had been misconstrued. Those handling hounds must be aware of what their actions appear to an outside observer.”

The phrase “outside observer” seems an odd choice of words for people who are “volunteers/helpers/ hunt supporters

Going down through the minutes and we can see at point 6: “A Strictly Confidential document on Dealing with Saboteurs (Benjamin Mancroft and Simon Roberts)”
We have already revealed the two page document, page 1 & page 2, in our piece on how Ex-Royal Marines were drafted in to stop hunt sabs, a costly mistake which saw the firm Matrix fail dismally at stopping anti hunt activists. But what wasn’t revealed previously is how Mancroft is at the very front of this spying operation which involved numerous hunts feeding information back to a private security company.

At point 7 there is the Memorandum of Understanding, between the Hunting Office and the Countryside Alliance, this document outlines who has responsibility for different aspects of hunting. Which includes gathering intelligence on anti hunt activists using hunts to gather that information, something which is entirely illegal and the basis of why Hunting Leaks exists, for as long as the spying continues, we shall continue publishing internal hunting documents.

What hope does the future of hunting actually have, when the 2017 election disaster for the tories is blamed on fox hunting?
“Concerns were expressed that there was no longer a relationship with ‘Number 10’ nor CCHQ. The Chairman was keen to renew these relationships and would liaise with Nick Herbert. It was highly unlikely that Hunting would feature in a Conservative manifesto, not least as many Conservative MPs blamed hunting (quite incorrectly) for the disappointing election result in 2017.”

Of course we found out just what the MFHA thinks of Nick Herbert when he isn’t in the room, a year later they said this about him:
“Nick Herbert has said what Andrew Osborne wants to hear about a strategy in Westminster, but he never comes up with it”

Full meeting minutes here:

Large Landowners

Sab groups across the country have been putting these images out and asking people to contact large landowners.
Can you spare two minutes to send an email and share an image?
UPDATE 22nd Feb, emails recieved:
Peak District “The National Park Authority does not permit trail hunting on the land it owns, however this activity can take place on private land at the discretion of the relevant landowner.” (now removed from the list below)
South Downs “We’re aware that Forestry England, National Trust and other landowners have paused or banned trail hunting on their land, which they have the power to do as landowners. and that a police investigation is ongoing.” (not removed from list as they make no mention of ending trail hunting on their land)
Pembrokeshire Coast “The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority does not allow hunting or shooting on any land it owns or manages.” (not removed from list as they make no mention of ending trail hunting on their land)

UPDATE 23rd Feb, Email recieved:
Brecon Beacons Julian Atkins CEO, “The Authority owns 20,000 Ha of land in the National Park and has a well-established position of not permitting drag hunting on our land.  In line with our position we will continue to refuse requests from hunts wishing to use our land”

Update 25th Feb, Email recieved:
Northumberland National Park “the Authority does not permit this activity to take place on its limited landholding.”

Update 1st March, Email recieved:
Natural Resources Wales “All trail hunting activity planned for this season will be paused, and no new permissions will be granted until this investigation has concluded.”

Please copy and paste this list of emails or email them one at a time, tell them that permission to “trail hunt” must come to an end now that the director of the MFHA is facing a court case for encouraging masters of hunts to break the law.,,,,,,,,

MFHA, Special Measures and the Minimum Criteria

This document will be of interest to all hunts that are facing difficulties at the minute. It looks like at this years AGM the MFHA are going to push through their “special measures” and will then be able to pick and choose which hunts are to fold and which are to continue. Amalgamations seen as the way forwards to keep fox hunting alive, this is something that many in the world of fox hunting are against as outlined in the This is Hunting UK Jan 2019 minutes.

The full document from September 2020 here:

Barlow Hunt Members

Judge Mark Davies, picture taken after attacking hunt sabs.

Two maps, the first is a database that was titled “Hunt Members” as we went through the 1,000+ people listed on the original spreadsheet it became apparent that not everyone on there was in fact even remotely linked to the Barlow hunt, a common thread amongst the people who shouldn’t have been on there was that they had no notes, or as they refer to them “tag_list”. So we have removed all of the people who didn’t have a tag of some description, no doubt some of those people will have been involved with the hunt, but we have decided in this instance to do our best to protect people who may not have anything to do with the hunt.
There was also a number of postcodes that were incorrect, we have done extensive searches and corrected postcodes.
The second map, is the Barlow Hunt Officials (BHO) and Horsleygate Estate Company directors (HEC) these are the people who keep the hunt going, HEC are currently giving the hunt £4,500 per month to keep the hunt afloat.

As usual with our online maps, please zoom out.

Barlow Hunt Officials (BHO) and Horsleygate Estate Company (HEC)

This is Hunting UK, Jan 19 meeting minutes.

Jonathon Seed, regional organiser for This is Hunting UK, and PCC candidate for Wiltshire

Yesterday we published an email to regional organisers from TiHUK, after publishing them we announced that today we would be publishing the January 2019 meeting minutes. TiHUK responded to this on their facebook page with:
“This is Hunting UK has nothing to hide and is proud to be putting its full weight behind hunting in 2021.
We very much hope you will continue to support us.”

Here are those minutes:

You can find previous “This is Hunting UK” minutes for September here.