Official AMHB Map of Hunting Country.

The Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles, confidential map of the country boundaries were passed on to us. The map was created in 2017, all of the boundary lines and red pins are original information. The blue pins are all the kennel locations which were not part of the original map and we have researched them using the Wildlife Guardian website and searches through the Hunt Saboteurs Association website. Thanks to both organisations for their work.

Since the map was created a number of these hunts have merged with other hunts, which is welcome news, more welcome is that the following hunts have completely disappeared:
Stokesley Farmers Beagles
Royal Rock Beagles
North Warks Beagles
Per Ardua
Easton Harriers
Claro Beagles
Isle of Wight Beagles
Mr Elliots harriers
Pevensey marsh