Pytchley Hunt

Exposed in 2016 for rearing cubs and using artificial earths. More recently the Pytchley Hunt attacked Mel Broughton a hunt saboteur who needed to be air lifted to hospital with multiple injuries:

“This incident occurred yesterday morning, Saturday 5th September 2020 at Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire. Following Sabs having had one of their cameras smashed and two stolen by hunt terrier men, Mel was ridden over by young Whipper In, Chris Mardles. He galloped at full speed into Mel and carried on his way without even a glance back to inspect the damage he had caused.
Air ambulance helicopter transported Mel to Northampton General Hospital where investigations began. He was found to have six fractured ribs, together with fractured collar bone and shoulder blade. Scans also revealed he had sustained a partially collapsed lung. Additionally, he has lost much use of his left arm though no fracture has been sustained.
At the point of impact , Mel, who has been sabbing for over four decades, says he thought he was going to be killed by the hunter’s deliberate use of his horse as a weapon. We are all shocked by yesterday’sincident and well aware that the outcome could have been fatal.”

We have two spreadsheets from the Pytchley, revealing all the people who subscribe and support the hunt.
The first is titled:
Wednesday Farmers
The second is:
Puppy Show Invites (please note multiple tabs on this spreadsheet)

Please do contact as many people as you can on these lists and ask them why they are still involved in animal cruelty and violence towards hunt saboteurs, it is entirely lawful to contact people and ask them polite questions and if enough people do that, then some farmers will almost certainly pull out from allowing the hunt on their land. That in turn can break a hunt permanently.