Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles

Before you read any further, please be aware that documents from this hunt contain serious animal abuse descriptions.
We will deal with the documents we have in chronological order, first of all their AGM from 2018, you can download it here.

For the first time in several years the master is confident with the kennels and the good condition of the hounds, makes you immediately wonder what the kennels were like previously and why does this hunt have to sneak around without uniform? because they are hunting hares!
Moving on to September 2018 meeting minutes which you can download here.
The kennels and hounds are still all in good shape but there are concerns about the hunt being caught doing anything wrong, as it will affect their insurance premiums, for that reason trails must be laid.

By December 2018 (meeting minutes in full here) things at the kennels have taken a sharp downward turn, the dogs aren’t being given full courses of antibiotics and the entire pack is suffering due to dog biscuits lacking protein.

By the following month everything is starting to fall apart at the Vine & Craven kennels where the beagles are kept and given that the dogs haven’t been looked after well, it’s a surprise to read that this is the best they’ve been treated in some time. Full minutes here.

February 2019 meeting continues with the issues faced by sharing a kennel with the V&C and you can read those minutes here. By April of 2019 the hunt is starting to suffer serious financial issues and has many other problems, full minutes here.

In May of 2019, the hunt reveals that two dogs fought each other and both died and that finances were getting worse, full document here and the speaking note that goes further into the finances written by Tom here.

At the end of May, the AGM minutes, which you can read here, make it clear, this hunt is in trouble and can only last a couple more seasons.

Moving forwards to some accounting in April 2020 and for the first time they have decided that laying trails really are important, so much so that they have purchased rabbit scent.

And when we get to December 2020, the kennels is going down hill and land is being withdrawn from neighbouring “Palmer Marlborough Beagles” due to objectors, we would remind everyone that contacting farmers and landowners to ask them to reconsider allowing hunting on their land is entirely lawful and when farms do pull land it can cripple a hunt.

The contact details for the members of the hunt that we have so far are below, as more information comes in, we will update the page.

Judy Keep
Richard Magnay
Joe Richardson
Melvin Pike
Mark Jackson
Paul Simpson
Damon Edwards
Tom Sneyd
Jeremy Keep