South Devon Hunt

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Update: on the 1st of May 2021, information was published about the South Devon killing hounds that were surplus to requirement. You can read about it here.

The South Devon hunt were struggling financially before coronavirus hit, they are now in quite a comfortable financial position according to the spreadsheet a £10,000 grant last year and Teignbridge council giving them £6,000 this year, this recent email sent round to hunt subscribers reveals the latest grant. You can see the spreadsheet here that includes the £10k covid grant from last year.

The committee members emails are below, please do copy and paste this list and to an email and ask them politely why they think they are entitled to profit from corona virus:,,,,,,,,,,

These meeting minutes from October last year again highlight how this hunt has profited from coronavirus.

Lastly we have an extraordinary listing, this is the hunt masters own notes on all the landowners/farmers, we have hidden peoples phone numbers who appear to be anti hunt, however we would still advice everyone on this list who is reading this to make a complaint to the ICO as your data has not been protected by the South Devon Hunt and it may even be the case they are holding data on you illegally.

We notice that Riverford Organics are listed on here and as you can see from above Louise Watson has recently retired as the master of this hunt, her brother Guy Watson runs Riverford Organic, who were also previously highlighted as being involved in the badger cull.

Perhaps more surprising was the mention of Dartmoor National Park and Maurice Retalick being on the committee, we then googled the committee and found out that Maurice has left. However, we found two other people on the list and maybe this is why Dartmoor National Park isn’t responding to emails about their licencing of trail hunting? Please do spend a minute emailing the committee

The two committee members who allow the South Devon Hunt on their land are William Dracup

the other one is Naomi Oakley, who is a government advisor:

Here is the entire listing (with anti hunt landowners phone numbers redacted)

Ilsington & Rora Area

Ilsington House Hotel – 01364 661542
Pro no need to ring.
Rob Darke, Sims Hill – 078xxxxxxxx
Owns a wood, doesn’t like hunting, don’t ring, never had a problem in this area.
Charles Upham, Langaller – 07812103448
Very pro, puppy walker, stud farm careful of young horses.
Cornelia, Willsworthy – 07818207530
Small amount of land with a cover. Seem fine, new owners in 19, generally happy
Sam Pedrick, Brimley – 07743163774
Very pro, always welcome, a good hand.
Robert Dadd, Whisslewell Farm – 01626 833206
Very pro, has a little shoot on the farm.
Rob Hendy, Colesworthy Farm – 01626 832493
Can be tricky on the phone, normally fine.
Brett & Kirsten Day, Woodhouse Farm – 01626 832435
Very pro, small farm.
Lookweep Stables – 01626 833277
Livery yard.
Ralph Russell, Sims Hill – 01626 832820
Only a few fields, likes to know when we are around.
Mr & Mrs Dale – 01364 661698
Not farmers, Retalick’s rent the farm, pro.
Robert & Diana Milne, The Sanctuary – 01364 661306
Ex treasurer, a few small paddocks around village, very pro.
Adrian Patch, Sims Hill – 07814684392
A few paddocks, likes to know when we are around.
Kate Hobbs – 01364 xxx xxx
Small piece of land near village hall, not keen, very tricky, try to avoid, make a late phone call.
Sally Wooton – 01364 661439
Edge of the village with horses, pro, always ring.
Douglas Nosworthy – 01364 661458
Retired farmer but looks after a few fields, very pro & sometimes follows.
Paul McPherson – 07785293518
Owns Rora Eucalyptus Plantation, pro but can be tricky if hounds get in.
Robert Mann – 01626 832380
Some land next to Sims Hill, very pro.
Andy Squire, Lenda Farm – 01364 661575 07830019555
Pro, always fine.
Mr & Mrs Phelps, Honeywell Farm – 01364 661336
Difficult to get on the phone, usually fine.
Claire Austin, Ladymead Ilsington – 01364 661363
Hosts a meet, always fine.
Mrs Ware-Owen, Middlecott – 01364 661359
Elderly lady, very pro, always fine.
Ed & Julie Williams, Northacombe – 01364 661350 07748452330
Very pro, hosts a meet.
Russell Retallick – 07887991466
Brian & Caroline Valance, Owlacombe Farm – 01626 821291
Very pro, big land owners, some in this area.
Richard Grey, Fountain Forestry Rora Woods – 01392 811911
Ring to say in the area (discuss with Jill Gratton before)
Caroline Horton, Hill Farm – 01626 821678
Near A38, you don’t want to get here, always fine.
Ilsington & Rora Area Cont.
Gerald Beard, Coombe Farm – 01626 821368
Always fine, difficult to get on the phone.
Quinton Howe – 01626 824988
Small amount of land near Liverton, seems fine, rarely ring.
Hugh Mann – 01626 821922
Uncle to Robert Mann, if you ring Robert no need to ring Hugh.
Nick Smith, Lurcombe – 07734109950
A38, you don’t want to get here.
Jill Gratton, Rora – 07721771776

Luscombe & Ashcombe Area
Tony Foster, Luscombe Keeper – 07786600374
Very pro.
Robert Partridge, Luscombe Estate – 01626 774103
Nice man, can be tricky, hunt staff only.
Steven Partridge, Aller Farm – 01626 864310
Luscombe Estate always fine.
Nick Rew – 01626 863229 07710955358
Some land sold, not sure what’s left, always ring, pro.
Simon Thompson, Smallacombe Farm – 01626 862536
Very pro, host’s a meet.
Lawson & Lesley Spiller, Rixdale Farm – 07703567043
Tricky, not hunting people, new farmers, be careful. When I last rang in preparation things had changed, could well be fine.
Ralph Rayner, Ashcombe Tower (Estate) – 07778056530
Very pro, new shoot 2019, could be tricky.
Carolyne Bourne, Houndspool Nurseries – 01626 866669
Usually fine, sometimes hunt.
Andrea Parker –
Ashcombe area, worries about her pony.
Matt Cotton, Ashcombe tenant farmer – 07773713579
Usually fine.
Stephen Ives, Ashcombe keeper – 07912044426
New keeper 2020 from Isle of White.

Denbury & Kennels Area
Michael Pearse, Wickeridge Farm – 01364 652449
Pro, Cox farms the grass, Michael farms the arable, always fine.
Rising Sun –
Re-opened late 19, hosting a meet.
Arthur & Rosemary Wrayford, Wotton Farm – 01626 821253
Usually fine, potential to be tricky.
Tom Blaber, Buckridge Farm – 07800736859
Always fine.
Eric Ashford, Lower Wotton Farm – 01626 821288
Very pro, always welcome.
Paul Parker, Meade Farm – 07951562580
Always welcome, mostly farmed by the Cocks.
Mrs Ross, Metley Woods – 01364 631146
Very pro, gifted the woods to her son who lives away. The woods are managed by Chris Marrow, the son’s wife is not keen, as far as they’re aware we do not use the woods. Personally don’t ring make a decision on the day, a good draw.
Bill & Gale Heath, West Down Farm – 01626 821258 07857634024
Very pro, always welcome.
Alan & Jerry Luscombe, Down Farm – 01626 821295
Very tricky, livestock always a problem.
Mike Pallett, Burne – 01626 821496
Nice man, owns a good cover, can be tricky but generally ok.
Simon & Debbie, Farlacombe Farm – 01626 821150 07790352711
New owners in 19, seem very happy.
Paul Lamball, near Metley Wood – 07768857070
Very pro, currently building a house, Graham Stephens farms the land.
Mr & Mrs Prowse, Lower Holbeam Farm – 01626 821292
Always fine, livery yard.
Karen Long – 07814514227, Horses near Holbeam Mill
Wendy Eastley, Holbeam Stables – 01626 363809
Very pro, lots of liveries.
Mr Holdsworth, Holbeam Mill – 01626 365547
Very pro, sometimes has young horses.
Tony Lucketti, Metley Woods – 01626 366440
Owns a small piece of woodland, very pro, always wants an ETA.
Dick, near Metley – No contact details
Owns 5 Rheas (big birds) not keen as birds not fenced, easily spooked. Take care in the area.
Charlotte & Pete Lewis, Burne – 01626 821815
Very pro, worries about horse & goats.
Frankie – 07811xxxxxx
Owns 1 field near Phil Stephens, has 3 horses, she’s not friendly, don’t ring.
Michael Baker, Ogwell Barton – 01626 367899
Always ring.
Mike Tewson, Denbury – 07967627455
Big sheep farmer, land in various places, always ring.
Tom & Izzy, Metley – 07854485381
New in 19, seem fine.
Ian Glendinning, Greenwell Park Farm – 01626 360327
Very supportive, small farm rented by Pete Mortimore.
Phil Stephens, Herebere Farm – 01626821053, Chris Stephens – 07762110385
Very supportive family, 2 farming sons (Chris & Graham) who farm various areas, always welcome.
Rodney Cleave, Shute Farm – 01803 813200
Current chairman.
David Stark, Tor Newton Farm – 01803 812257
Very supportive, always welcome but Torbryan becomes an issue.
Edward Adams, Torbryan – 01803 812xxx
Not welcome, sometimes ring.
Michael Walters, Pulsford – 01803 812283
Very supportive, farms around kennels with some land at Metley & Broadhempston.
Dave Tinkler, Levaton Farm – 01803 812383
Has become supportive, family own land around kennels including wood behind, usually welcome now, previously very tricky, always phone.
Coppa Dollar Farm – New Tenants, details to follow.
Norman & Graham Heath, Yeatt Farm – 01803 812298
In general always fine.
Graham Cock, Younghouse Farm – 07977457425
Always supportive.
Chris Wilton, Stubbins Farm – 07811398667
Very pro.
Petra, Gale – 01626 353340
Has horses, ring when in area.
Paul Gammon, Rydon Farm – 01626 354723
Rarely ring as don’t often get there, always fine.
Ella Withington, The Shippon, Metley – 01626 824623 07817702112
Very nice, has horses, must ring.
Tori Aylmore, Cross Park – 07763022161
Has horses, ok if they know.
Caroline, Ogwell Kennels – 07725631771
Fine if she knows, walks boarding dogs on the road.
Adam Steer, Beara – 07779257370
Usually fine.
Paul Griffin, Denbury – 01803 812834
Always fine, 1 very good rough field.
Denbury & Kennels Area Cont.
David Hannaford, Creek Beacon – 01364 652859
Never get here, has a small shoot.
Reg Wills, Quarry Farm – 01364 652364
Nice man, always welcome, never get here.
Chris Irish, Lower Lake Farm – 01364 653645
Pro, always welcome.
Mark Irish, Well Farm – 01364 653673
Pro, lots of sheep.
Simon & Bev Sutcliffe, Knowle – 01803 812 xxx
Very nice, owns all woodland around Knowle, no hunting really, would be fine if ran, brother Felix is very difficult, avoid.
Wendy Pearse, Waye Farm – 01364 652xxx
Small farm, can be tricky, try to avoid.
Dipwell Farm – Details to follow
Ron Greet, Bickaton Farm – 01803 812269
Always welcome, various bits of land around Broadhemptson.
David Wrayford, Woodland – no contact details
Owns a lot of land all round the village, not keen, avoid.

Powderham Area
Michael Berry, Higher Thornton Farm – 01392 832856
Can be tricky, estate tenant so not normally a problem.
Charles Mortimore, Exwell Barton – 01392 832842
Rarely go here due to road & railway line but he is pro.
Cyril Ford, Ash Farm – 01626 891239
Can be tricky but tenant of the estate.
Richard Cotton, Black Forest Lodge – 07774969301
Always welcome, son is Matt Cotton who farms Ashcombe if you cant get hold of Richard.
Tom Yandle, Black Forest Lodge – 07977552051
Welcoming, has a lot of sheep, can be tricky in spring.
Will Clack, Lower Thornton Farm – 01392 833434
Farms the estate, is fine.
The Dowager Lady Devon (Diana) – 01392 832743
Very supportive, still always ring but Powderham is now in the son’s care.
Charlie Courtenay, Lord Devon –
Very supportive, must contact in good time with regards a meet.
Dick Durrant, Powderham Keeper – 01626 890231 07850675751
Not a hunting man, always happy to see us, nice man. Always supportive with regards a meet & hunting.
Bruce & Delia Lambert, Mill Farm, Kenton – 01392 832471
Livery yard.
Rodney Hooper, West Lake Farm – No contact details
New dairy farm, heavy electric, not interested with regards to hunting.

Ideford Area
Steve & Lucy Wright, Larcombe Barn – 07919182101
Mad keen, be a great asset in this area, he will speak to most people but I always call as well, meet here in autumn & November, a must speak to.
Paul & Heather Rusden, Hestow Barton – 01626 777136
Always fine.
Mr Jervis – 01626 852157
Always fine.
Jeff Laing, Humber Farm – 01626 775385
Always welcoming, told can be tricky but been fine with me, a must meet.
Roger Dawe, Ashill Farm – 01626 774425
Never keen as bullocks got out yrs ago, always ring and see what he says.
Dennis Star, Wolfsgrove Farm – 01963 23221
Elderly gent, always fine, appreciates the call, poss not living on site.
Michael Derek, Whiteway Barton – 01626 352332
Always call, not somewhere you want to be as close to A380.
Phillip Wrayford, Whiteway Barton – 01626 362589
Apparently used to be difficult, been fine with me. Again close to A380.
Mr Guppy – 01626 773006
Small amount of land above Humber, always welcome.
David Vooght, West Hayes Farm – 01626 774690
Farms a lot of land in area, seems ok, a must meet.
Derek Reddaway, Lower Rixdale Farm – 01626 775218
Always call although never got there.
Pat Carter – 01626 775367
Has horses.
Val Dean – 01626 853226
Has horses.
Alan Lewis – 01626 773490
Small shoot at Humber, always happy, a must speak to re dates.
Maureen Coombes – 01626 852941
Always happy.
Robert Pym – 01626 336237
Has a house in Kingswood, likes to know when we are around.
Mr Bentall – 01626 773944
Lives in an apartment in Lyndridge House, been problems here in past with an Anti (posh gardens etc) try to avoid, he helps smooth the way if need be.
Humber Down Forestry
Managed by Chris Marrow, I’ve never discussed hunting here with him but do run in there.

Fishacre Barton & Staverton Area
Peter Ellis, Fishacre Barton – 01803 812360
Stables, livery yard etc, owns the scramble tracks, always fine. Gate code 1225.
The Stanbury’s, Fishacre – 01626 364157 / James (son) 07815698288
Main farm Newton Abbot, now own most of Fishacre area as well, always fine, involved in the shoot, never been a problem.
Paul Griffin, Fishacre Shoot – 01803 812834 / 07836650391
Shoot every other Tuesday, always fine, avoid release pen. He lives in Denbury with a nice rough field.
Tom Hext, Coppertree Farm – 01803 762629 / Andrew (son) 07816547558
Very keen, never a problem, Andrew may lend sheep for the grass yard.
Ginny Chudleigh, Valley View Farm – 01803 762119
Stanbury’s farm this but always ring, always fine.
Ian & Julie Dennis – 01803 866575
Christmas tree’s below gallops, generally fine, quite close to railway line.
Andrew White, Wottons Farm – 01803 812402 / 07779518940
Very nice, always welcome, livery yard.
Hugh & Carol Peplow, Fishacre – 01803 813989
Small piece of land with horses, they like to know.
Tom & Anne Cleave, Lomans Farm – 01803 812781 / 07974021401
Rodney’s nephew, always welcome, quite often electric for sheep about.
Ron Greet, Bickaton Farm Broadhempston – 01803 812269
Farm a lot of land, always welcome.
David Dunster, Whaddons Farm – 01803 863027
Always fine, lives in Dartington, land here & at Fursdon.
Jill Headford, Barkington – 01803 762185
Small amount of land, pro, never really get there.
Edward Foals, Barkington – 01803 873150
Always welcome, never really get there.
Pat Tucker, Moor View Farm – 01803 762763
Nice lady but tricky, always ring, never really get there, very recently been sold.
Mandy Patterson – 07714616312
Has horses behind Mrs Tucker.
Robert Shinner, Stretchford Farm – 01364 643380
Now lives at Fursdon, 01803 762180 some land at Fursdon, main farm boxed in by Riverford, very pro, car follower.
Jean Cose, Bowbridge – 01803 812914
Very good cover, locked gate 1225, husband Ed recently passed away, always fine.

Louise Watson, Riverford – 01803 762240

Rodney Cleave – 01803 813200
Andy Hayllor, Gullaford Farm – 01803 762342 / 07977457427
Farms a lot of land, always tricky on phone, doesn’t like car followers, keep away from chickens.
Chris Irish, Lower Lake Farm – 01364 653645
Always fine, livery yard.
Daniel Mason, Slades Down – 01364 654928
Free range poultry adjacent to Hoopers Haze, ok but try to avoid.
Dawn & Alex Beer, Wash – 01803 762816
Rarely go here, has horses, quite often hack through.
Steve & Lindsay Hornby, Park Field – 01364 653870
Shoots Hoopers Haze, always fine, will unlock the gates that morning.
Martin Bloxham, below Hoopers Haze – 01364 652043
Small amount of land, ok, generally hounds only.
Graham Cock – 01364 653756
Farm a lot of land but never really get here.
Mark Irish, Crazy Acre – 01364 653673
Always fine, never really get here.
Brian Merchant, Penn Farm – 01364 643387
Always welcome, Penn quarry a good draw, maize in the autumn.
Simon & Lucinda Middleton, Bulland Farm – 01364 643119
Always fine, borders Penn quarry.
Peter Hickman, Baddaford – 01364 642264
Nice man, very pro, some land been sold to Guy Watson.
Maureen Newton, White Rose Tarmacadam – 01803 812209
No land but, very helpful when in Broadhempston area, will ring all horsey people in area, there are lots.

North Bovey Area
John Midgley, Barn Court – 01626 832751
Very supportive, has lots of sheep, rents the land from the Cars
Ros Car, Barn Court – 01647 221430
Always fine, very wet farm with some good draws, can be a tricky corner.
History of being very tricky, things have recently changed, bits been sold, maybe worth investigating. I have continued to avoid the area.
Bill Hobbs, Brinning Landing – 01647 440872
Nice man, always fine, adjoins Narramore so never really get there.
Mike & Jo Tester, Nr Langstone – 01647 221675
Seem nice, always keen to know when we are about.
Bridget Brown & Richard Knowles, Peck Farm – 01647 221xxx
Very difficult, pockets of ground here & there, never keen, best avoided.
Merlin Brown – 07534800699
Bridget’s son, nice enough on phone although same as above. Seems to farm more land as of 2020
Mr Keesom, Aller Farm – 01647 221624
Very nice man, seems pro, likes it when we are about, history of chicken problems.
Doug & Jenny Kyle, Fursden – 01647 440394
Small farm behind Barnecourt, also near Narramore, seem very nice, although farmed by the Brown’s.
Paul Chudley – 07970903201
Near Bovey Castle, nice on the phone, always fine, best avoided closer to lambing time.
John & Carrie, Home Park Farm – 07983694xxx
No go area although difficult to avoid as draw the boundary, personally never ring as draws attention.
Nicky & Gordon Hurst, Luckdon Farm – 01647 221535
Small farm, always fine, keen to know.
Glynn & Gaynor Bartlett, Nr Neadon – 01647 221478
Always fine, a must ring.
Tom & Mary Hunt, Neadon Farm – 01647 221310
Always fine, key to the area.
Martin Gibson, Foxworthy, Manaton – 01647 221665
Owns a lot of land, farmed by Tom Hunt, always fine, generally speak to the Hunt’s. Former master of the Warwickshire.
Kevin & Ian Torrens, Manaton Rocks – 01647 221693
Hounds can get in the garden, not sure how keen they are, don’t get here that often.
Steve & Alison Beard, Coombe Farm – 01647 440343
Always fine, sold some of the farm to Martin Gibson.
Mrs Hurd, Langstone Farm – 01647 221460
Always fine, farmed by Martin Gibson & Tom Hunt, generally just ring the Hunt’s, sometimes park in her field at Langstone Cross, restricted to hunt lorry only.
Ed Pollard, Youlden Farm – 01647 440487
Lovely man, doesn’t hunt but very pro, farms a lot of ground, often good feed crops in the autumn.
Brian & Sharon Davies – 01647 440462
Small amount of land at the end of Beeland Farm drive, usually fine.
Frank Martin – 01822 880223
Small amount of land near Narramore, will be fine but never ring for this area due to Narramore.
Mark Snow, Nr Narramore
Potentially fine, however too near Narramore.
Stewart Shilstone – 01647 440941
Farm’s below Narramore and has potentially brought a lot of Narramore, could be fine.
Kevin Clark – 01647 440821
Pocket of land near Beelands, always fine, worries about cattle, key for access.
Vicky & Keith Barnsey, Beelands Farm – 01647 440530
Always welcome, seem keen.
Trevor Adcock, St Hill Farm (MDH country) – 01647 441021
Land joining Beelands, always ring, quite often run to the farm.
Minature Pony Centre – Closed end of 2019, not sure of situ, poss re-opening 2020
Tom & Wilma Butler, Bowden Farm – 01647 441044
Always fine, worries about his horses, sometimes hunts. Ed Pollard farms the land. Good place to park hunt lorry with permission.
Shelia & David Jacobs, Yarde – 01647 440321
Horses, always ring.
Margaret Cass – 07552313819
Land behind Beelands, always ring.
Bovey Castle – 01647 445095
Generally only ring regards Xmas Eve, hunting never seems an issue, mind the golf course!
Harry & Margaret James, Bowden Mill – 01647 440937
Seem nice, always ring, always happy.
Jean Clark, Thorn Cross – 01647 440477
Kevin Clark’s mother, very nice, car follower, always ring when near Bovey Castle.
Linda Eastham – 01647 221565
Horses, must ring, possibly moved though.
Jenny Jones, Sunnyside – 07971394997
Horses at end of Coombe Farm drive, must ring.

Weston Tree
Ian Widdicombe, Weston Tree – 07870120536
Great man, great place, meet here twice, dates need discussing well in advance due to lambing & shooting pressures.
Paul Gammon, Rydon Farm Denbury – 01626 354723
Farms land at Stoke Gabriel, always fine.
Guy Gilmore – 01548 821202
Owns land rented by Widdicombe & Gammon, speak to tenants, always fine.
Jason Hooper – 07866752687
Runs the shoot on Duke of Somerset’s estate, always fine, pro.
David Hooper, Great Court Farm – 01803 862326
Lot of land been sold, a pocket left between Totnes & Ian, always fine.
Ian & Julie Dennis, Longcombe Farm – 01803 866575
Arable farmer, always seems fine, never really get here.
Andrew Reid – 07836214617
Small amount of land at Stoke Gabriel which Ian farms, former SDH master, always fine.
Mr Andrews, Rhodes Farm – 01803 782644
Sold farm to Mr Reid, Ian speaks to him, sometimes follows in his tractor.

Reservoir Area
Pete Weaving, Moorhouse Farm – 07790034590
New tenant 2019, seems fine.
Dave Taylor, Bowden Farm – 01647 252278
Friendly although not keen, always ring, Keith Harvey farms the land.
Bob Austin, Lakeside Farm – 01647 253181
Lovely man, always welcoming, starts lambing early which restricts access. Key to drawing Beadon Valley.
Lloyd Stone – 07796140192
Some land next to Beadon Farm, always fine, rarely get here.
Tony & Sarah, Twizzle Tree, Canonteign – 07714219401
New to area 2019, seems fine, likes to know, hounds can get here yet horses may struggle, also informs neighbours at Great Rock.
John & Jenny Gillespie, Beech Tree Farm – 01647 440581
Very pro & always welcome.
Karen & Paul Gemski, Laployde Barton – 01647 252356
Seem very nice, have big livery yard.
Edwin Cleave, Shuttamoor Farm – 01647 252207
Always fine, not much land.
Keg Hoskins, Moor Barton Farm – 01647 252244
Has a little shoot, always ring when near, rarely get there.
Mr Fiddler, Beacon Farm – 01647 252470
Seem fine, always like to know when about.
Kennick Farm – 01647 253465
Always seem fine, phone number seems to have changed, rarely contact.
Peter Hooper, Oxonham Farm – 01647 277342
Always ring, always fine, never really get there.
Seward Family, Bullaton Farm – 01647 252730
Sold most of farm to Mr Yeoman, farmed by Michael Harvey, never really get here but often park lorry.
Reservoir Area Cont.
Michael Harvey, Bottor Rock Farm – 07712831899
Farms here & at Bullaton, always fine.
Rob Shilston, Mixing Barn Farm – 07960102963
Never get here, haven’t been ringing.
Lindon Downs, Heckland Farm – 01647 252730
Never really get here, generally ring.
Ivor Thomas, Higher Hole Farm – 07714855709
Farmed by Lindon Downs.
Michael Vooght, Higher Netton Farm – 01647 405060
Always fine, always ring.
John Vooght – 01647 253001
Small patch of land near Laployde Farm, always fine.
Geoffrey Harvey, Stickwick Farm – 07977616401
Here after shooting, always fine.
Keith & Hilary Harvey, Beechleigh Farm – 01626 832783
Pro, great support.
Peter Wasternage, Bridford Barton Farm – 01395 443351
Big dairy farm with electric fencing.
Barry & Grazynka Parker, Bridford – 01647 252594
Bit of a nature reserve, always appreciate the call, been running here a lot.
Bernie Pearce, Blackingstone – 07795650861
Small farm, runs knacker yard near Crediton, always fine.
Mr & Mrs Latrobe, Smithycott – 01647 405005
Always fine, must ring, it’s a satellite phone so very slow.
John Reddaway, Cossick Farm – 01647 440438
Always welcome. Terry & David are sons.
John & Helen Keep, Pepperdon Farm – 01647 440963
Nice people, always welcome, farm get close to main road, Pepperdon common is a good draw.
Gordon Keep, Pepperdon Farm – 01647 440228
Brother to John, not easy because of the farm split, always ring.
Chris & Carol Harvey, Budleigh Farm – 01647 440631
Seem very nice, always ring, important when on Hingston Down.
John White, Kingwell Farm – 01647 440584
Nice man, owns Hingston Down, always fine although Bridget Brown & Richard Knowles are tenants. Discuss with John, tenants not usually there.
Paul Rodgers – 01752 369254
In charge of stalking at the Reservoirs, very nice, always fine, plenty of notice.
Claire Mann, Higher Elsford – 01647 277520
Horses, always ring.
South West Lakes Trust – 01647 252898
Run all reservoirs, the less notice if any seems to work.
Tim Langabeer, Littlehay Farm – 01647 252496
Land near Laployde, always fine.
Chris Marrow, Forestry Agent – 01626 833981 / 07816123450
Nice man, very on side but doesn’t understand hunting, a must meet, has got trickier, Mr Yeoman knows more.
Tim Holland-Martin, Forestry Owner – 01386 854760
Chris Marrow generally in charge, may be worth a call, former chairman of North Cotswold so has understanding of hunting.
Chris & Kate Bayliss, Canonteign House – 01647 252614
Always fine, very keen, starting meeting here, he hunts occasionally.
Paul Reddaway – 07867993886
Land at Clampitt, generally fine. Partner Ellie – 07548272271
Blackingstone Quarry – 01647 441153
Good draw, only ring when going there, fine on phone but complain when there.
Ann Quinney, Lewdons Farm – 01647 440292
Never get here but they like the call.
Steven & Anya Reeve, Moor Barton – 01647 440xxx
Not keen, often away, happily draw his boundary, personally I never ring.
Gail Haywood, Doccombe – 01647 440826
P2P yard, always ring when near Cossick.
Gordon Monaghan, Doccombe – 07527449758
Small amount of land, ring when near Cossick.
Ken Ansell, Lower Coombe Farm Hennock – 01626 832914
Occasionally meet here, he will speak to certain land owners for this meet.

Cold East Cross through to Sigford
Alex Bowden, Welstor Farm – 07889555910 (parents Martin & Caroline 01364 652415)
Generally speak to Alex, he understands hunting more, always fine, sometimes worries when calving.
Mr & Mrs Childs, Ruddycleave Farm – 01364 652102
Seem fine, not got any real land but hounds always round there.
Dave Booty – 01364 631067
Owns some grass round Ruddycleave, always been fine, also farms at Sherril.
Richard Mann – 01364 621233
Owns some grass round Ruddycleave, always fine.
Lloyd & Pete Mortimore – 01364 631238
Owns some grass round Ruddycleave, always fine.
Chris & Becky Honour, Lower Whiddon Farm – 01364 652500
TB breaking & schooling yard with P2P runners, never really get here, always ring & fine.
Gerald & Jill Valance, Lower Whiddon Farm – 01364 652840
Never really get here, always ring, always fine.
Brian & Caroline Valance, Owlacombe Farm – 01626 821291
Farm lots of land in SD country, very pro, always fine.
Janine Mills, Sigford – 01626 821216
Has horses, very pro, been hunting a fair bit.
Victoria & Michael Goss, Bagtor Mill – 01364 661476
No land as such, always ring, always happy.
Paul & Sally Bowden, Horridge – 01364 653665
Martin’s brother, has a difficult relationship with Alex, boundaries heavily fenced, always happy for hunting, difficult to get on phone, generally leave a message.
Russell & Carol Retalick, Bagtor – 01364 661542
Very supportive, always happy, park here a lot, father Maurice is on the National Park Committee, keep on side, ring him when Russell away 01364 661269
Tony Colwill – 01364 631277
Own’s some of the wood coming up from Sigford (The Grove) recently felled, always fine.
Widecombe Hill
Alex Bowden – 07889555910
William & Angela Bell, Wodder Manor – 01364 621391
Farm’s near Bagpark, not great on hunting but always ring, appreciates the call.
Andy & Marie Mitchell, Bonehill – 01364 621304
Has horses, appreciates the call.
Michael Lamb & Margaret Rogers, Venton – 01364 621235
Very pro, not keen on car followers or the field, but fine for hunting, has a B&B appreciates meet’s later in Autumn.
Richard Mann, Great Dunstone Farm – 01364 621233
Son Peter, both very pro, always fine, has newtake near Pudsham Down, gates often locked, generally happy to give code, key man with pony gathering, he will ring you.
Tom Havill, Southway Farm – 01364 621413
Farms a lot round Widecombe & Cator, generally fine.
Sam Hext, Pudsham Farm – 01364 653365
Never a problem, always leave a message, never really get near them, close to Lizwell Woods.
Ms Hanson, Scobitor – 01364 621254
Always ring, always worries about the cattle, generally supportive.
Alona Stratton, Shilstone Rocks – 01364 621281
Riding school, a must ring in good time, as not to clash with a trail ride, always fine re hunting.
Lloyd Mortimore, Lizwell Farm – 01364 631238
Very pro, always happy, never get here due to Lizwell Woods.
Pete Mortimore, Northway Farm – 01364 621444
Farm’s with Lloyd, always fine, never really get here due to Bonehill residents.
Terry Jones, Buzzards Reach – 01364 621205
Always ring, never go here now due to neighbours.
Mrs Gooch, Sheena Tower – 01364 621308
Always ring to say we are out but best avoided.
Widecombe Hill Cont.
Mrs Nosworthy – 01364 621277
Tom Havill’s auntie, ring when in area.
Barbara Lentern, Cockingford Farm – 01364 621258
Always welcome, access not great, getting close to Lizwell Woods.
Theo Wilding-White, Widecombe Hill – 01364 621266
Always fine, has a few sheep.

Long Lane & Easdon
Alan & Lisa Johns, Puddaven Farm – 01647 433641
New to the area, on side, may be keen to host a meet I’m told, A good draw but can be tricky to work.
Paul Pearce, Barramoor Farm – 01647 221303
Very on side, pretty much can do what you like, father Colin Pearce, can be trickier have a chat with Paul. A good draw but can be tricky.
Mrs Hazel Colridge, Shapley Farm – 01647 221261
Elderly lady, very good about hunting, nice bracken bank but can be tricky to draw.
Lyn & Robin Bleach, Higher Westcombe – 01647 221413
Always seem fine, more of a courtesy call, never really get there.
James & Susie Bucknall, Lower Hookner – 01647 221385
Lovely people, always fine, nice patch of gorse, although tricky spot.
Mrs Osbourne, South Hookner – 01647 221343
Big sheep farmers, careful at certain times but generally fine.
Francis Fraser, Moorgate Farm – 01647 xxx xxx
Very difficult & basically anti, best avoided & causes the problems for all the above draws, never ring.
Richard Perryman – 01647 221453
Tenant for Francis Fraser, personally he’s fine but he is only the tenant. Does have ground elsewhere.
Mr & Mrs Wakely, Canna Park – 01647 221305
Always ring, always fine.
Shelia & David Jacobs, Yarde – 01647 440321
Nice people, has a horse worries when in area.
Tom & Wilma Butler, Bowden Farm – 01647 441044
Very nice, supportive, hunts occasionally, can be a good place for the lorry, Ed Pollard farms the land.
Kendon Farm
Apparently for sale, perhaps speak to Mr Bucknall.
Derek & Shirley Greenaway, Vogwell Farm – 01647 221543
Very supportive, always fine, used to meet there.
Barry & Jenny Taylor – 01647 221334
Always ring, same address as above.
David Shilston, Boo Down – 01647 221404 07809877935
Always fine, very laid back.
Mr Beeson, Ford Farm – 01647 221262 07770365835
Recently moved in following fathers passing, seems fine, Kevin Clark farms the land.
Kevin Clark – 01647 440821
Farms pockets of ground various places.
Nicky & Gordon Hurst, Luckdon Farm – 01647 221535
Small farm, always fine, keen to know.
Mrs Hurd, Langstone Farm – 01647 221460
Always fine, farmed by Martin Gibson & Tom Hunt, generally just ring the Hunt’s, sometimes park in her field at Langstone Cross, restricted to hunt lorry only.
Bridget Brown & Richard Knowles, Peck Farm – 01647 221xxx
Very difficult, pockets of ground here & there, never keen, best avoided. Personally, wouldn’t ring if in the Long Lane area.
Bovey Castle – 01647 445095
Generally only ring regards Xmas Eve, hunting never seems an issue, mind the golf course!
Juliet Glanville, Hookner – 01647 221534
Has a horse, always like a call.
Judy Dodd, Langdon – 07718498042
Recently taken some ground in area, seems fine & knows hunting, house sits for various people in the valley. Although has made complaints last time we were in area regards to sheep when we were actually nowhere near. Should be fine but tread carefully.
Mr & Mrs Hardick, Gratner Farm – 07971689127
New to the area, friends with Duncan Hume, fine regards hunting.
Duncan Haldon, Heathercombe – 01647 221325
Lives onsite as sort of manager, personally fine but there are others here who are an issue. What with them, Francis Fraser & Bagpark this section of country is now very difficult. A must meet to understand.

Jay’s Grave, Hound Tor & Manaton
Tim Whitley, Hedgebarton – 01647 221219
Always fine, would like to see hounds more but Bagpark causes problems. There is a small shoot, speak to Tim as there is a new person in charge, won’t be a problem.
Sophie & Jim Mount, Swallerton Gate – 01647 221426
Always ring, always fine.
Gareth & Charlotte Keene, Buttermeade – 01647 221208
Hosts a meet, always ring, always fine.
Hedgebarton Lodge – 01647 221611
No land just big garden, lots of building work gone on possible change of hands?
Chris & Emma Stacey – 07811659883
Small amount of ground at Swallerton Gate, always fine.
Richard Perryman – 01647 221453
Always ring.
Barnaby Spurrier, Tor Hill Farm – 07768843841
Based in London, rarely ride on farm hounds are regular, always fine, first phone call seemed to be enough.
Brian Warne, Southcott Farm – 01647 221291
Very pro, always ring, always fine.
Mrs Moreton & Family, Great Houndtor Farm – 01647 221202
Very pro, always fine.
Wingstone Manor & Wingstone Farm
Will need investigating, numbers have changed.
Sarah Nosworthy, Natsworthy – 01364 621310
Very pro, rarely ring but likes to know due to horses.
Colin Slade, Isaford Farm – 01364 621251
Near Bagpark, never ring been once in 4yrs.
Rodney Cruze, Pitton Farm – 01364 621241
Very pro, next to Bagpark, never really ring, been once in 4yrs, a must meet though, has vital access to Hamledown via locked gate, he will tell you where key is.
Jay’s Grave, Hound Tor & Manaton Cont.
Nick & Jenny Clare, Holwell Bungalow – 01647 221357
Very pro, always fine.
Mark & Debbie Hall, Holwell House – 07830153438
Seem fine, generally a message left.
David Reddaway – 01364 621216
Owns part of Holwell, always fine.
Peter Janson, Holwell – 07711064666
Has horses, must ring.
Chris & Clare Butcher, Beckaford Farm – 01647 221251
Always fine, occasionally meet here.
Rowena Cullen, Leighon Farm – 01647 221568
A must meet, mother recently passed away, always been fine but has rules & regs, be best to check in case things have changed.
Tim & Sarah Bailey, Deal Farm – 01647 221635
Seem fine, always happy.
Andy Pascoe, Leighon Drive – 01647 221267
Nice piece of cover, always ring, always fine.
Dartmoor Horse & Pony Trust – 01647 221209
Roland Phillips, head trustee, nice chap very supportive, although an employee called Ann is not keen, speak to him as not an issue.

Rowden Gate / Challacombe Valley
David Reddaway, Great Cator – 01364 621216
Very pro, never worried, now has a little shoot every other Saturday, always hunted that area the Saturday in between, seemed to work for both parties.
Ken & Daf Edwards, Langworthy Farm – 01364 621242
Very pro, always fine, do have horses TB’s in particular.
The Coaker Family, Bittleford Farm – 01364 631582
Always generally fine, farm a lot of land in the area, pro towards hunting.
Clyde Coaker, 07725327408
Froy’s, Drywell Farm – 01364 631300
Geoffrey Weymouth, Ponsworthy Farm – 01364 631220
Small farm, never really get there, next to Miles Fursdon, makes this a tricky corner.
Miles Fursdon, Whitewalls Farm – 01364 631xxx
Not keen on hunting, been fine to talk to, let him know your around, do our best to avoid.
Norman & Venetia Cowling, Dockwell Farm – 01364 621268
Very nice, very pro, only a small farm but a nice little draw.
Mark Jones, Blackaton Manor – 01364 621338
Always fine, big sheep farmer, can get here from lots of areas, never usually a problem.
Matthew Irish, Grendon Farm – 07977919964
As when Colin was alive, pretty much carry on, respecting dad’s wishes, always welcome. Matthew doesn’t live there, may be a tenant in house. One drive gate will be locked, should let you have code.
Paul & Sue Hammet, Grendon Lodge – 01822 880395
I only ring when going to Grendon Farm, they keep an eye for Matthew & like to know.
Mike Churchwood, Littlecott Farm – 01364 621298
Could be a great asset to you.
The Lambert Family, Uphill Farm – 01364 631069
Former Master & Chairman, small farm, never really get on it, odd good draw, always been fine.
Mark & Naomi Oakley, Challacombe Farm – 01822 880236
Can be tricky, a must meet. Were very difficult in my first season due to a prior issue, much improved & been welcome since. Hunt staff only on grass if at all.
Charles & Lizzy Godfrey, Cator Court Farm – 01364 621443
Farms all Blackaton Ball, can be touchy with regards to grass & stock but always welcome in the rough valley side, a good draw.
The Dracup Family, Broadaford Farm – 01364 621286
Son John & Grandson William farm the land, very supportive always been fine.
Annie Williams, Cordonford Farm – 01364 631595
Small farm, lots of ponies, always welcome.
Annie Monroe, Cordon Farm – 01364 631493
Farms alongside Simon Butcher, both very nice & supportive. A difficult farm to ride.
Lorraine Chamberlaine, Foxworthy – 01364 631210
Hireling yard, very supportive, always welcome. Brother Phillip farms this farm & Riddon farm, always welcome at both.
Pat Howe, Lower Cator – 01364 621344
A few horse fields next to Broadaford, not keen when hounds get in there, difficult to stop happening.
Cameron Zab, Hatchwell Farm – 01364 621238
Always fine.
John & Serena Walcot, Higher Foxworthy – 01364 631279
Very supportive, always fine.
Steve & Tessa Arrowsmith – Brown, Soussons Farm – 01822 880228
Always fine, be careful on their grass.
Frank & Sue Martin, Pizwell Farm – 01822 880223
Very pro, always fine, be careful of the grass, bridleway & a key gate access goes through their farm.
Dave & Terry Fisher, Penlee Farm – 01822 880255
Small farm, they don’t like riding on there at all, hounds often run the grass which is fine pending there direction of travel.
Rowden Gate / Challacombe Valley Cont.
Nigel Shaw & Karen Hillyer, Lower Merripit – 01822 xxx xxx
Very anti & to be avoided at all costs. Have involved Duchy with complaints prior my arrival.
Julian & Val Greatrex, Higher Lydgate Farm – 01822 880274
Very small farm, always like to know, fairly pro.
Steve & Karen Horn, Lydgate House Hotel – 01822 880209
Bridleway goes through the property, always fine.
Alex Warne, Dartfordleigh – 01822 880333
Meet here, as does all 4 packs, very pro, always fine.
Gary & Vanessa O’Brien, Laughter Hole House – 01822 880470
Property is in Bellever (Dartmoor Country) It’s opposite snailey house, hounds are often on their property, always fine.
Clare Stanton – 07885699802
Very nice, looks after the ponies in Bellever, must let her know when you are around.
Darren & Dee Dee Sibley, Babeny Farm – 01364 631296
Very pro & a great area, livery yard & small farm, always fine.
Simon Booty, Sherrill Farm – 01364 631369
Lovely people, always fine, don’t ride on grass, must try to repair walls if hounds damage.
Tom Havill – 01364 621413
Farms at Middle Cator & Langworthy, generally always fine, part of Dave Reddaway’s shoot.
Phillip & Christine Coaker, Runnidge Farm – 01822 880222
Very nice people, very pro, can be there a lot when in Sousson’s, nice piece of moor behind.
Lloyd Mortimore, Lizwell Farm – 01364 631238
Never really get here due to Lizwell Woods, but would always be fine.
Rose & Polly McAfee, Old Langworthy Farm – 01364 621718
Small farm, always fine.
Neil Thurlow, West Shallowford Farm
Very difficult, best avoided although not always there. No contact number.
Stinji & Mulder Brussen, Headland Warren Farm – 01822 880483
They are Dutch, hardly ever there, some holiday lets, always been fine, rarely ring, perhaps speak to Jean Avery regards them first.
Anthony & Alison Harbord, Dury Farm – 01822 880061
New to the area, seem nice, were always fine.

Dr Blackall’s Drive
Patrick Simpson, Spitchwick Estate – 01364 631209
Very nice, very pro, owns a lot of land & open hill. Miles Partridge farms most of the land.
Miles Partridge – 01364 631008
Farms a lot of land in this area, very pro, likes the hounds to be about.
Simon Partridge – 01364 631374
Miles’ farther, ring out of courtesy, very pro.
Jim Lieurance – 01364 631392
Small farm beside Dr Blackall’s always welcome.
The Mannings, Rowbrook House – 01364 xxxxxx
Anti, don’t ring. Hounds like to be in their garden, do what you can to avoid this then I personally ignore.
Bruce & Jeanette Mercer, Rowbrook Farm – 01364 631626
Very nice, very pro, meet here, always welcome.
Mark & Sally Wilkinson, Poundsgate – 01364 631229
Very nice, very pro, we have met here in past.
Jez & Tracey Wilkinson, Poundsgate – 01364 631180
Generally fine, has a livery yard, also farm’s at Olsbrim
Gill Abbatt, Lower Hannaford Farm
Hound Trustee, very keen, wouldn’t worry about ringing.