Taunton Vale Harriers

The use of trails by fox hunters has been revealed as a smokescreen, many hunts haven’t even bothered to lay any at all until very recently. However some hunts have according to their internal documents been laying trails for some time. This is from 2017 minutes, which you can read in full here.

The following year and a newsletter that was sent out by the hunt, you would assume from reading it that this hunt is trail hunting and not chasing and killing foxes and hares:

This hunt may well be laying trails, but they certainly aren’t following them, if they are, you have to wonder why the police are emailing the hunt and telling them off for trespassing on Quants Nature Reserve, illegally driving quads through a SSSI and threatening people who question what they are doing. This email is Feb 2019:

Did the hunt discuss these multiple trespasses in their August AGM later in 2019? No, but they did talk about the trail laying. You can read the full agm minutes here.

The next newsletter which they sent out in Nov 2019, mentions hunting etiquette, but doesn’t touch on the repeated trespass events earlier in the year either. You can read it in full here. Moving on to August 2020 AGM minutes and all is not well, some people clearly aren’t getting on, full minutes here.

A financial projection for the hunt for 2021 was written, causing even further divides as the projection is rewritten!

Kate’s financial summary showing the hunt were looking at going thousands of pounds in the red got tongues wagging and one subscriber wrote in to the committee to complain about the lack of communication with the subscribers and also pointing out that killing half the hounds wasn’t fair.

The finances are clearly a serious issue for the hunt and they try to calm things down by writing a report about the financial projection for the committee, you can read that report in full here.

Lastly there is a database of all the farmers, subscribers etc from 2016, which you can view here.