Tynedale Hunt

We have documents going back to 2016, interestingly in that years AGM the hunt was already worried about it’s failing income:

“Starting with income, the total had fallen some £16,000 with core income of subscriptions and field money being down some £6,000. Subscriptions had fallen overall compared with the previous season and was partly represented by the full subscriber numbers falling from 34 to 30 ( 38 the year before and 42 the year before that ). There has been a steady decline in subscription income from a peak of £70,000 in 2012-13.”

At the end of the document the diary dates have Albemarle barracks down as the location for the hunt ball, since when have civilians been able to make use of military bases for fund raisers?

Perhaps the next document which is the 2016-2017 report and accounts sheds some light on how they managed to get into a military barracks for their hunt ball, it lists a number of “hon” titled subscribers, along with a few doctors:

The same document earlier on had a report from the Master, how hard is trail hunting in dry conditions?

The AGM in 2017 contains pretty much the same Masters report, you can read it here.

The 2017-2018 report highlights one of the issues many hunts are facing, an aging demographic. It also again mentions difficult scenting conditions. Perhaps they should have a word with their trail layers?

The 2018 AGM minutes can be read here, the AGM minutes are not the same as the yearly report but do both contain the same masters report.

The 2018-2019 report shows the hunt’s finances are starting to pick up, but the number of subscribers is still low. Towards the end of the document riders are advised not to get into confrontations with hunt sabs verbal or otherwise!

The 2019 AGM laments the loss of donors due to them “falling of their perch”

Some minutes for a meeting in October 2019 goes in depth into different ideas for fund raising, including a meal out at Hibou Blanc, why a restaurant run by a fox hunting supporter would have a vegan menu is anyone’s guess.

The 2019-2020 report mentions the problems with Covid-19:

This letter sent out to Fence Stewards for the Tynedale hunt point to point highlights once again the close ties between horse racing and fox hunting:

And this final letter, shows how “fun rides” are turning out to be big earners for hunts, The Tynedale named theirs the Belsay Bounce, after the estate name: