Vale of White Horse

What becomes obvious straight away from looking at the members names and addresses is just how many people have titles before their names, a very well connected hunt, you can download the full spreadsheet here.

The hunt were kind enough to make a file with all their members email addresses on it, you can download it here.

They have even made a very handy database which tells you all the contact numbers and email addresses and how much they’ve paid, you can download the pdf here, each entry looks like this:

This hunt also has a very comprehensive “Red Book” which lists all the subscribers and has some account information, it is also filled with adverts by sponsors of the hunt, bringing them in a good few thousand pounds every year. Red Book can be read here.

The Red Book also points out that the hunt is following trails AND killing foxes:

A recent guest blog post, had a response from Lord Apsley on the feeding of foxes on his estate by the Vale of White Horse hunt:
“The dumping of rotten carcasses on any land is illegal, as is the feeding of fox cubs for the purpose of hunting. 
When combined, and done without permisision on private land, this was a particularly egregious act taking some staggering liberties.”