Vine & Craven Hunt, Jonathon Seed, Lord Astor and H&M.

The recent scandal surrounding Jonathon Seed pulling out from the Wiltshire PCC election was surrounded by stories from his fox hunting days. Throughout his campaign he made out that his ties to hunting were in the past and he was no longer involved, funny then that the Vine & Craven emailed this out to all their supporters to leaflet for him in this election:

This particular hunt are no strangers to controversy, in December they lost a huge part of their hunting country when H&M pulled out. What’s interesting from this conversation below is that another large estate is considering pulling out as well. Lord Astor we highlighted previously as being a donor to “Vote OK”, which put money into the recent PCC Election. His family wealth comes from fur and opium smuggling.

email to Lord Astor, just days before H&M story broke in the news:

Lord Astor replies with some interesting insights. His daughter is married to David Cameron, so perhaps his knowledge of upcoming government policy isn’t a surprise.

Much more recently this email went out:

This summer the hunt will be increasing money in the bank by doing “fun rides” a popular tactic for hunts to fundraise:

This very old document from 2015, sets out the rules for the Vine and Craven hunt, not particularly exciting but nowhere within it does it state that they will abide by the spirit of the law and not hunt foxes. The first rule appears to be that the hunt’s sole purpose is to overthrow the hunting act.

Hunting Leaks was set up to counter the database set up by the Countryside Alliance, to hold data illegally on anti hunting activists. To counter their strategy, ours is simple, to publish the private data from hunts until the Countryside Alliance makes amends to its victims and publicly states that the database has been destroyed.
Vine and Craven committee members emails, please do contact them and ask them if they have been sending information on antis to the CA.

Clare Heald
Christina Dunlop
Phillip Sykes
Graeme Denton
Hilary Gibbins
Nick McDiarmid
Buster Pearce
Sheridan Swallow
Phil White
Samantha Bracey
Dave New
Zoe Donald
Jane Fox
Nicky Henderson
Pippa Bishop
Daemon Edwards
Mark Jackson
Melvyn Pike
Rachel Chamings
Vanessa Marment

Vine & Craven, were good enough to put all the gamekeepers in their hunting country onto a spreadsheet, you can view that spreadsheet here, we have imported the spreadsheet into a map:

They also compiled a spreadsheet on horse trainers within their hunting country, spreadsheet here, map below:

This is the meet card for the season 2019/20