Western Hunt, Cat Killers receive Covid Cash.

Edward Sampson

Yesterday we heard of the distressing news that a companion cat had been killed by the Western Hunt, a quick google and we quickly learnt that they have a long history of attacking cats.
In 1995 a 12 year old called “Tikkidew” was killed in their own rear garden.
2009 a 15 year old cat called “Molly” was killed, like Tikkidew, she was in her own back garden.
2017 and the Western Hunt hounds are again trespassing and attacking cats, this time the cat survived, but with part of their face missing.
2021 “Mini” is killed by the hounds and the huntsman throws her corpse over a neighbours fence.

We can exclusively reveal today that this hunt received a covid grant of £10,000 and expect another one this year, taken from their meetings minutes Jan 2021.

John Sampson and Edward Sampson (Edward threw Mini over the fence)
Trelew Farm, St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall. TR19 6ED
01736 810308
John Sampson 07855 661790
Edward Sampson 07855 423131
Please do contact the Caravan Club and ask them not to direct people towards a farm run by a cat killing hunt

The rest of the hunt, who’s details we are now searching, if you have any information on any of them, please email us on huntingleaks@tutanota.com
On this map there is more on the individuals involved in the hunt, please zoom out, and you can download a spreadsheet of what we have so far on them here.

Sarah Baker sarah@legalcost.co.uk
Alison Wyatt alison.c.w@btinternet.com
Andrew Lawry ngreen317@btinternet.com
Ann Mason masonanne@live.co.uk
Bryan Roskilly brwsp@tiscali.co.uk Carol Harrison CazzaHarrison@hotmail.com
Cecilia Bisson ceciliabisson@devonmaid1.plus.com
Chloe Scoble chloeloe162@gmail.com
Chris Cooke ccooke58@yahoo.com
David Barclay davidjbarclay@hotmail.com
David Lenaghan dl@CryorFarm.co.uk
Elizabeth at Boscrowan elizabeth@boscrowan.co.uk
Emily Smith thewatersidemeadery@outlook.com
Felicity Mason felicitymason@hotmail.com
Fiona Vincent fionavincent@aol.com
Gloria Beckerleg jrcarne@btinternet.com
Gloria Vincent gloria_vincent@hotmail.co.uk
Helen Partington helenpartington@talktalk.net
James Stuart jstuart265@btinternet.com
Jan Chivers jchivers@hotmail.co.uk
Jenni Gilbert jenni_brea@hotmail.com
Jenny Olds jennyolds@hotmail.co.uk
Jill Semmens jill.semmens@hotmail.co.uk
John Allen p.allen745@btinternet.com
John Sampson j.sampson.trelew@hotmail.com
Judy Lenaghan jt.cryorfarm@idnet.com
Kate Kemp kate.j.kemp@hotmail.co.uk
Kenneth Bottrell kenneth.bottrell@btconnect.com
Kim Bond kimvanner@hotmail.co.uk
Kirsty Madron Cornishmaidcleaning@hotmail.com
Laura Sutton lsutton4455@gmail.com
Linda Matthews ladylindy-lou@hotmail.co.uk
Lynne Martin roadqueen2@gmail.com
Marlene Burley marleneburley@gmail.com
Mike Williams boskednanwartha@yahoo.co.uk
Natalie White nataliejaz@hotmail.com
Olivia Mock oliviamock1@mac.com
Paul Richards paul@splattenridden.com
Poppy Heale Barneybump@aol.com
Rachel Baker rbaker222@outlook.com
Rachel James rjmoss@talk21.com
Rachel Richards rachelrichards83@outlook.com
Ralph Mankee pmankee5@aol.com
Richard Jeffery richardljeffery@outlook.com
Rosie Wyvern-Batt rose.wyvern-bat@outlook.com
Sophie Olds showponies96@gmail.com
Sophie Semmens sophie_tigger@hotmail.com
Sue Ellis sueellis783@gmail.com
Tamzin Baker tamzin42@hotmail.com
Tim Bennett timbenn59@gmail.com
Daniel Harris treworlisfarm@aol.co.uk
Val Mason val.blue@hotmail.co.uk
Vicky Donnathorne ezmeralder@gmail.com
William Ansell tregender@googlemail.com
William Thomas thomaslamorna@googlemail.com
Xanthe Ponsford xanthe@alsiafarm.com

We have compiled the emails above into three blocks so that you can copy and paste them into a few emails and tell this hunt exactly what you think of them:

sarah@legalcost.co.uk, alison.c.w@btinternet.com, ngreen317@btinternet.com, masonanne@live.co.uk, brwsp@tiscali.co.uk, CazzaHarrison@hotmail.com, ceciliabisson@devonmaid1.plus.com, chloeloe162@gmail.com, ccooke58@yahoo.com, davidjbarclay@hotmail.com, dl@CryorFarm.co.uk, elizabeth@boscrowan.co.uk, thewatersidemeadery@outlook.com, felicitymason@hotmail.com, fionavincent@aol.com, jrcarne@btinternet.com, gloria_vincent@hotmail.co.uk, helenpartington@talktalk.net

stuart265@btinternet.com, jchivers@hotmail.co.uk, jenni_brea@hotmail.com, jennyolds@hotmail.co.uk, jill.semmens@hotmail.co.uk, p.allen745@btinternet.com, j.sampson.trelew@hotmail.com, jt.cryorfarm@idnet.com, kate.j.kemp@hotmail.co.uk, kenneth.bottrell@btconnect.com, kimvanner@hotmail.co.uk, cornishmaidcleaning@hotmail.com, lsutton4455@gmail.com, ladylindy-lou@hotmail.co.uk, roadqueen2@gmail.com, marleneburley@gmail.com

boskednanwartha@yahoo.co.uk, nataliejaz@hotmail.com, oliviamock1@mac.com, paul@splattenridden.com, barneybump@aol.com, rbaker222@outlook.com, rjmoss@talk21.com, rachelrichards83@outlook.com, pmankee5@aol.com, richardljeffery@outlook.com, rose.wyvern-bat@outlook.com, showponies96@gmail.com, sophie_tigger@hotmail.com, sueellis783@gmail.com, tamzin42@hotmail.com, timbenn59@gmail.com, treworlisfarm@aol.co.uk, val.blue@hotmail.co.uk, ezmeralder@gmail.com, tregender@googlemail.com, thomaslamorna@googlemail.com, xanthe@alsiafarm.com

Full meeting minutes below:

We also have meeting minutes from November 2020

If you are reading this and you are anti hunt, you can help end hunting in the united kingdom, wherever we have listed farmers and land owners involved in hunting, please take some time to start contacting them, polite calls and emails are entirely lawful and as you can see by these minutes, contacting people DOES WORK.